Prince Harry Under Pressure To Marry But Still Loves Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry Under Pressure To Marry But Still Loves Chelsy Davy 0411

Since when did a prince ever have to choose between two women? Why can’t he marry one and have the other as a mistress? Is that too 18th century? I doubt it in Prince Harry’s case but maybe the women have too much respect for themselves to be the next Camilla Parker-Bowles. Regardless, I keep hearing Chelsy Davy’s name back in the picture and I’m tickled pink!

The new book, “Harry: The People’s Prince” by Chris Hutchins claims that Prince Harry’s been under pressure to settle down by members of the royal family. Let’s clarify this. Sarah Ferguson wants him to marry Cressida Bonas probably because she’s the only person outside of Harry who will acknowledge her in public. Sarah was there during Harry and Cressida’s romantic ski vacation when he kissed her on the mountain IN FRONT OF THE WORLD.

I wouldn’t take that pressure seriously considering the source. Hopefully Harry’s not either since his friends think he still has his heart set on Chelsy. “Don’t write Chelsy off,” an insider said. “She was the love of his life for seven years, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t re-emerge at some point in the not-too-distant future. I think they love each other and eventually they will get back together. In fact – and she’ll hate me for saying this – I believe they will marry once she is convinced, of course, that his wandering eye days are over.”


That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t care if the book is bogus or the source is completely made up. My dreams of a Princess Chelsy are still holding strong. Cressida was all right for the time being. She gave us some nice anti-Kate/Pippa stories but I don’t think she has what it takes to keep that kid interested for long. Chelsy knows him. She’s just waiting for him to grow up and quit the Las Vegas scandals. He’s been behaving himself lately. I’m calling it. Within the year Chelsy will be back in the picture. Trust.

Is Prince Harry under pressure to marry? I think by now that family has learned not to rush these things. But who do you want Prince Harry’s wife to be?


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One response to “Prince Harry Under Pressure To Marry But Still Loves Chelsy Davy”

  1. haveuheard1 says:

    Prince Harry should be able to marry who he wants when he wants.