Prince William Assisting Kate Middleton’s Baby Delivery – Labor Coach and Royal Father!

Prince William Assisting Kate Middleton's Baby Delivery - Labor Coach and Royal Father!

Kate Middleton is in labor and her husband Prince William is right by her side, where he will remain until the new addition to their family is born. The doting William will no doubt be catering to all of his wife’s needs as she endures labor. No waiting in the hallway pacing for this guy, he will be front and center when his child is born.

William was with Kate when her labor began early this morning.  Together they made their way to the hospital where they were ushered in through a private back entrance. Since then there has been very little news about the labor other than it is progressing along naturally.

His wife may be doing all the hard work but William will be making sure he does everything possible to get her through the labor.  Things he might do for his wife include, rubbing her back, telling her to breathe and of course getting ice chips. Although the later may be a little tough with people lurking around. Even though they are their own private wing of the hospital, you never know who can sneak in.

When the big moment arrives the Prince will likely hold Kate’s hand as he tells her to push and breathe, guys have it so easy.  If he gets nervous or queasy, as some men do, he can lean on his mother-in-law Carole  Middleton and sister-in-law Pippa Middleton. Both rumored to be in the room when the Royal baby makes his or her debut. I wonder if he will do the honor of cutting the umbilical cord, probably that seems to be the dad thing to do right?

Like many first time father’s William will probably have some anxiety, maybe even be a little freaked out. He may be a Royal but he is also human. However there is no doubt that he will put that all aside to be there for Kate as she delivers there first child.

What other things do you think William will be doing to help Kate during delivery? Tell us what you think in the below comments section.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet