Prince William Loses His Temper With Kate Middleton And They Fight! – What’s The Issue?

Prince William Loses His Temper With Kate Middleton And They Fight! – What’s The Issue?

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton have a reputation of being pretty down to earth despite their royal status. They are just too cute for words!  In the new UK special Our Queen (a behind the palace walls look at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee) we get a glimpse of the royals just being a married couple at home, and find out they are just like us.

One notable item is that William and Kate love to play Scrabble.  The problem is they never finish a game! Us Weekly is reporting William and Kate are very competitive and a quiet night at home can quickly turn into a huge fight. The Daily Mail is saying Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo spoke to Kate during last summer’s Olympics in London and found out about the Scrabble squabble. He reveals “She said when they play Scrabble they don’t usually finish a game because somebody got in a mood and slammed it shut”.

I wonder what other normal stuff the royal couple fights about. Does Wills leave the seat up? Does Kate nag her husband to put his dirty clothes the hamper instead of on bedroom floor? One thing they have agreed on is the nickname for their unborn child. For now William and Kate are calling her “our little  grape.”  The reason for the odd nick name is because at this point in Kate’s pregnancy the baby is the size of a grape. William and Kate have also agreed on the real name they are giving their daughter.

Reports are she will be called Elizabeth Diana Carole. William and Kate chose these names for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, William’s mother Princess Diana and Kate’s mother Carole Middleton.  Elizabeth is also Kate’s middle name. Carole is the feminine version of Charles (William’s dad Prince Charles).

The only person left out of the naming of the baby is Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker-Bowles.  This could be for a couple of reasons. Perhaps William and Kate wanted to give their daughter 3 names instead of 4. Someone had to be cut, and it was Camilla because she is not a blood relative. Camilla is just William’s evil stepmother.  Another possibility is that William and Kate hate Camilla. They would not want to name their child after this sleazeball.  There are lots of reports saying Camilla is jealous of the younger royals and will do what ever it takes to get her way when it comes to life in the palace. One report said Camilla is furious that Queen Elizabeth may overlook Prince Charles as King of England in favor of William.

Charles and Camilla have been vilified in the court of public opinion for their adulterous affair while he was still married to Diana – Camilla was married as well!  Their reputations never recovered even after Charles and Diana divorced.  Well, at least the little grape has sweet parents who live as normal life as possible. I’m sure they pass on their love of board games to the child.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Star, Chi

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