Prince William Fears Paparazzi Threat To Kate Middleton Is Unavoidable: Where Will They Be Safe? (PHOTOS)

Prince William Fears Paparazzi Threat To Kate Middleton Is Unavoidable: Where Will They Be Safe? (PHOTOS)

As future King and Queen of England, Prince William and Kate Middleton should have a flawless security detail, one that doesn’t allow a single stray hair to be photographed. Despite their royal protection status, the couple can’t escape one very real threat—the paparazzi. Citizens of the world are clamoring for news of the very private couple, and the most we ever see of their lives is photos, caught by long lense. Last year, we all enjoyed a glimpse of Kate’s almost-totally-flat chest, and last week we saw her tiny bulge of a baby bump. The photographers don’t pose any threat to their health, but it leaves us wondering: if security can’t keep paparazzi away, how will they respond to a real threat?

Kate and Wills just vacationed on Mustique with the Middletons, and an insider revaled that “They chose the island because of the seclusion it offers.” Life & Style, print edition March 4, 2013, reported that the island “has only 74 villas and a small hotel” is the perfect low-profile vacation, but a fellow vacationer snapped the coveted photos. “Kate is devastated, and William is in despair,” the source confided. “All he wants to do si protect Kate, but now he feels that they’re not safe from prying eyes anywhere. It makes them worry about what will happen once their child is born. Will the baby be hunted down like this, too?” Answer: probably.

It’s impossible to hear this news and not think of Princess Diana, who tragically died after a car chase with paparazzi. (Of course she, her boyfriend, and their driver were reportedly drunk and stoned at the time of the accident.) I can’t help but suggest a royal blog or something. I mean, Kate is unemployed, and it might help to undermine paparazzi power if they’re sharing it first hand.

It’s desperate times that call for drastic measures. But don’t expect Kate on Instagram anytime soon. William “does not want his wife to go through” the media harassment, and “has vowed to find them somewhere else where they’re free to let their hair down and relax.” Do you think the public will ever get bored of Kate, or will their futures be marred by these security breeches?

Photo Credit: Chi Magazine, Star Magazine

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