Prince William Loses Throne To Prince Charles After Camilla Parker-Bowles Threatens Queen Elizabeth With Gay Scandal

 Prince William Loses Throne To Prince Charles After Camilla Parker-Bowles Threatens Queen Elizabeth With Gay Scandal

Well, finally I get why all of a sudden Camilla Parker-Bowles has been magically accepted as queen-in-waiting! We told you earlier this year that Queen Elizabeth was taking the proper steps to see how to go about ensuring that Prince William would ascend to the throne before his father, Prince Charles. Wills is clearly a better fit and he and Kate Middleton would make a great team as the next royal rulers of England. Ironically, Charles didn’t seem to even mind the power trade. Let’s face it, this guy is a bumbling joke and he wants to sit atop the throne as much as I’d like to drive a garbage truck for a living!

According to the June 3rd print edition of GLOBE evil Camilla stooped to the lowest level imaginable in order to ensure that her place, as well as her husband’s would be secure in British history. She made it known that if she isn’t the next queen then she’ll leak all the lurid details of Charles’ gay romps with his three most recent lovers and she intends to name names!

Queen Elizabeth has always been super protective of Charles and in order to shield him from the obvious embarrassment Elizabeth has agreed to leave Charles’ birthright in place. She has also proven to Camilla that her word is good by beginning to hand over bits of power to Charles in a formal capacity, with Camilla by his side.

Camilla and Charles may be next in line for the throne but that doesn’t mean that the people will respect their ruler ship in the least. It’s a case of Elizabeth choosing to sacrifice the good of her country that she loves, to save her boy. I have to hand it to Camilla, she’s a despicable woman, but she’s getting exactly what she wants, isn’t she? Do you believe that Charles has a slew of gay lovers or do you think he happily crawls into bed with his wife? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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16 responses to “Prince William Loses Throne To Prince Charles After Camilla Parker-Bowles Threatens Queen Elizabeth With Gay Scandal”

  1. AnotherGossipDay says:

    I always thought Camilla looked more like a man….maybe thats why he choose her!

  2. Rachel says:

    Prince Charles should come out of the closet. I believe Charles is g@y, and Camilla is his beard… YES the bootlickers are telling that she is a National Treasure.
    I think we should all pause and remember at this point the media telling us the late Mr Savile (one of Prince Charles’s best friend) was a national treasure, when I never met anyone who thought so, or could stand him (same to her), even before the recent revelations. What has she done which is noteworthy? Marry a *** for money? They are living separate lives. Camilla has been staying at her own house since they married anyway (costing British taxpayers £6 million a year to protect her “personal” house.).

  3. Nannette Walls says:

    With all do respect for Queen Elizabeth I think if you let That witch Cammilla Take your place there would be alot of people would be very upset with you
    And would not think so highly
    Of you for putting a home
    Recker in your place.camilla seems like a selfish and self
    Centerd women.Queen Elizabeth
    I am an american and I love England thow I have never been
    There .You are Queen don’t let
    Camilla intimadated you with
    her threats.So what if charles may
    Have or have not different sexual
    It don’t matter.I Love England!!!! WE HERE IN AMERICA HATE CAMILLA THE HOME RECKER

    home recker

    • fourscoreandseven says:

      Nanete: (You misspelled their names, so I thought you might like to see what it feels like. Also, you misspelled about 20 other words and your grammar is horrid)

      In the first place you MUST ACKNOWLEDGE that you are NOT allowed to speak for ANY American except yourself.
      I am American and I admire and respect Camilla. I admire and respect Charles. I admire and respect William and Catherine. I believe the Queen will do the right thing. You see, Nanete: THEY HAVE TONS OF INFORMATION THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE! And, they will be making decisions based on TRUTH that you do not have.
      You have NO idea about the truth about Diana because you believe LIES.
      You have NO idea about the truth about Charles because you believe LIES.
      You have NO idea about the truth about Camilla because you believe LIES.
      Also, you have NO idea about the truth about William because you believe LIES.
      And, because you do not have the correct information, the Queen is NOT going to care a whit about your concerns. Now, calm down and try to understand that your hysteria will not impress the Royals.

  4. kssomom1187 says:

    If being with Evil Bitch Camilla means he’s gay, then he’s gay… She looks more manly than he does!!!!!

  5. Strumper says:

    I just wish we could prevent Camilla from becoming queen, Q consort, P consort whatever! I don’t become angry very often but when her name is mentioned grrrr! It just isn’t true that William is too young or not ready to take the crown. His granny was crowned at a much younger age and she had no preparation for it. Don’t suppose there’s much we can do about Charles but Camilla!! Why don’t we all just totally ignore them both. I wish.!

    • fourscoreandseven says:

      Oh, for Pete’s sake. Try the truth! Elizabeth was “groomed” from day one because SHE WAS NEXT IN LINE. William is NOT “next in line” and his training hasn’t begun. HE HAS A RIGHT TO RAISE HIS FAMILY! And, to learn the job.

      You have NO IDEA what it means and you think that your pathetic “emotions” that you can’t control, should take precedence over the lives of William, Catherine, George, and the new baby! HOW DARE you be so selfish.

      You are an American and you barely give them a passing thought (only when it comes up in conversation) PLUS you have not educated yourself. You only listen to gossip. THEY HAVE TO LIVE IT and so to MANY OTHERS. It simply isn’t any of your business, and the notion that you would sacrifice a lovely young family JUST TO MAKE YOU HAPPY when YOU will not be living it makes you sound INSANE!

  6. Dr. Dana M. Connolly says:

    Everyone knows he is as gay as Tom Cruise and so many others. I can completely sympathize withbthe women they trick into marrying them, just to hide their gayness and maybe have an heir. Sickos.

  7. mark says:

    please British people as soon as the home wreaker Camilla and charles takes over the throne,please demand a referandum and abolish the monarchy once! Britain will never be the same again with that home wreaker camilla as the queen!

    • fourscoreandseven says:

      “Wreaker” what is a “wreaker?”

      YOU ARE SO IGNORANT; you are demanding that the BRITISH citizens all take a PERMANENT PAY CUT and A PERMANENT REDUCTION in their net worth! That is SO STUPID! Do you really hate the people SO MUCH that you are willing to punish EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM just so you are “even” with Camilla?

      WHAT did she ever do to you that you are willing to take HUNREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THE BRITISH CITIZENS??????????

      Thank GOD they are not nearly as stupid as you are! They would NEVER abolish the monarchy and they would tell YOU TO TAKE A HIKE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!! How DARE you stick your nasty vengeful fingers into the financial affairs of 60 MILLION PEOPLE. You really have a nerve!

      You should hide your head in shame! For being SO STUPID and for being SO HATEFUL!

  8. John Derbyshire says:

    The joke is that a considerable number of people thinks he gay, someone better tell the Queen a lot of us have heard stories or others have evidence, so it would not be a suprise, in fact to most it would confirm what we have suspected all along

  9. fourscoreandseven says:

    I simply cannot understand the SHALLOW thinking of those who are GLEEFULLY WILLING to RUIN the lives of William and Catherine, and take away their precious few years to raise a family and enjoy the process.

    No, for their OWN SELFISH REASONS (because they CHOOSE to not “like” Charles and “hate” Camilla) they are willing to SACRIFICE William and Catherine. William is FAR too young and has FAR too much to learn. Charles will “slip into the role” with all the knowledge that he needs.

    Then, in a few years, when Prince George has grown up (and is in university; at least) Charles will be older than his mother is now, and William will be ready to become King. Charles is BY LAW the next King. Let him do it and ALLOW WILLIAM some years of peace before his life belongs to the masses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. fourscoreandseven says:

    Albertina: WHY would he want to RUIN his son’s life like that? William needs TIME to raise his young family; he needs TIME to learn how to do the job.
    Charles KNOWS that William would “suffer” by being King now; he LOVES William (more than you are willing to admit) and would NEVER sacrifice his son as YOU want.

  11. fourscoreandseven says:

    And, you are willing to make William and Catherine suffer so YOU can be vindicated in your hatred?

    Bad plan, Lyn!

    Also, I would NEVER call another woman a “cow.” Never! It is vulgar and hate-filled.

  12. fourscoreandseven says:

    It’s NOT a “functioning monarch?” WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING! And, who cares what “you prefer?” You are so ill informed, and you are willing to RUIN the lives of William, and Catherine, and George, just so that YOU are happy!

    You are SO FILLED with nonsense; I hope you are an American.

    THE END OF THE MONARCHY WOULD COST THE CITIZENS OF GREAT BRITAIN A FORTUNE! Yet, YOU want them to take home smaller paychecks, and for their net worth to substantially decrease, ALL SO YOU CAN BE HAPPY!

    You “think” about the Royals when the topic arises, but THEY HAVE TO LIVE IT!!!!!!!!! For Pete’s sake, your complete ignorance is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. fourscoreandseven says:

    Oh, boy Guest; you are a corker! Obama has caused us MORE FINANCIAL RUIN and Michelle Obama spends MORE THAN THAT on her clothing and they give us nothing!!!!!

    The British Royals, on the other hand, PROVIDE MORE MONEY TO EVERY SINGLE PAYCHECK ISSUED IN THE UK! They also RAISE THE NET WORTH OF EVERY FAMILY. Yet, they only “cost” each British citizen about 60p a year (that is LESS THAN AN AMERICAN DOLLAR PER YEAR, while they provide SUBSTANTIAL INCREASES in every single weekly paycheck. We should get such a deal from Obama (the permanent lying thief).

    The Royals cost millions but bring in BILLIONS.

    You have NO IDEA what that means! So your “analysis” is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS! WOW, it takes NERVE to be so ignorant and then pretend that you have the “facts.”