Prince William Obeys Kate Middleton and Changes His Life For The Baby

Prince William Obeys Kate Middleton and Changes His Life For The Baby

It’s a time of change for Prince William. A few months after sharing the joyous news that his bride of two years, Kate Middleton is expecting a baby later this summer, he has decided to make other changes as well. One of the biggest is his decision to leave his piloting job with the Royal Air Force.  It’s a position that he has thoroughly enjoyed and regrets having to step away from, but according to the April 15th print edition of In Touch, he wants to be involved in his child’s life.

Impending fatherhood has made William reflect on the way that he was raised and he has easily decided that he has no intention of abandoning Kate like his father did to his mother. That means no more training or rescue missions that can put him in jeopardy. Kate is said to be thrilled to have her husband at home again and to know that he is no longer putting himself in harm’s way.

With the Queen’s failing health as reported by GLOBE, this move also makes a good deal of sense. She is rumored to have told William that he will ascend to the throne before Prince Charles if he and Kate produced an heir. This stepping back into normal life stateside may also be a way of preparing himself for everyday life as King. Royal watchers fear that the Queen may not live long enough to see the birth of the royal baby. If that’s the case then Prince William could become a father and King at about the same time. It makes sense that he would take a few months to adjust to a normal life with Kate.

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