Princess Diana Scotland Yard Murder Investigation – Was Assassination Ordered By Prince Charles and Carried Out By British Military?

Princess Diana Scotland Yard Murder Investigation - Was Assassination Ordered By Prince Charles and Carried Out By British Military?

Conspiracy theories have abounded in the sixteen years since Princess Diana’s tragic death while being driven in a speeding car in France. She, boyfriend at the time Dodi Al Fayed and driver, Henri Paul, were all killed in the wreck that sparked further investigation for years to come, in part because Diana herself had believed that someone was trying to kill her. Ten months before her death she had written a letter to her trusted butler saying that she believed her former husband, Prince Charles was intending to assassinate her in a crash. Years of inquests followed the accident but in the end it was determined that Diana died in a tragic accident, at least until this weekend.

Scotland Yard Friday night said they were assessing the credibility of new information relating to the death of Princess Diana including an allegation that they were murdered by a member of the British military. The new information arose during a second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, the SAS sniper convicted of illegally stashing a pistol and 338 bullets in his bedroom. They are “scoping” out new information due to the contents of a letter from the parents-in-law of Soldier N, Sgt Nightingale’s former housemate, which was sent to the SAS’s commanding officer in September 2011. The letter is said to contain direct information regarding the assassination of Princess Diana.

The thing that really strikes me about this is the fact that this has been breaking news all over the world. Random unsubstantiated allegations never see the light of day let alone become breaking news. There is something significant enough in this piece of information to make it credible enough to be breaking news and spark and intrique Scotland Yard. That is pretty huge.

The fact that the possibility that Diana was murdered is now a talking point means that something big is likely coming. They aren’t going to white wash it and say there’s nothing to these new allegations. If that was the case they would never have given it to news outlets in the first place! They never did find that white Fiat that was supposedly involved in the crash in spite of looking at 40,000 similar vehicles. Maybe they weren’t looking in the right place.

The Royals, and especially Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, had great reasons to want Diana silenced. Was that permanent silencing ordered and accomplished through illegal conspiracy and action – or was it a coincidence that Di perished in a suspicious deadly accident? Do you think Princess Diana was murdered? Tell us in the comments below!