Queen Elizabeth Criticizes Kate Middleton: “Know Your Place, I’m Still In Charge”

Queen Elizabeth Criticizes Kate Middleton: "Know Your Place, I'm Still In Charge"

We love lists—they help us stay organized and precise! Who doesn’t want to be on top of current affairs? BBC Radio 4 just unveiled their newest list: the top 100 most powerful women in Britain, and you’ll never guess who topped it. Queen Elizabeth. Okay, maybe you guessed. We know that the Queen can’t send people to the Tower of London or the guillotine anymore, but imagine making such a list and excluding her! What was most surprising about the list was that Kate Middleton didn’t make it. No big deal—she’s only the next Queen of England and an international fashion icon! It isn’t like she is a humanitarian and inspires women around the world. I mean, stores sell out of her clothes two hours after she wears a piece publicly. She could single handedly boost every international economy!

Most women on our list have power because they have reached a place where they have control—of policy, of direction, of influence, of staff, explained former editor Eve Pollard. Not that it explains Kate’s rejection! Policy, did parliament not just rule that a daughter could be Queen? Sure, she may not have lobbied hard for it, but you know her peasant (ha!) background is causing huge stirs within the monarchy and government! Not really sure what direction means—but Kate’s influencing women worldwide, and has a whole staff of people at her beck and call! As if that isn’t damning evidence enough that something’s gone amiss, Pollard added that “the panel also included some women who have soft power—the ability to transform the way we think about ourselves.”

I don’t know about you, but learning about Kate’s school days playing field hockey made me seriously question the various schools I attended—none of which offered the sport! And it looks so fun! Pollard explained that Kate is “hugely” influential, but is “not yet” powerful. I think someone’s just jealous! Of course, Queen Elizabeth has to be on cloud nine—we know she’s probably mostly above petty things like BBC top 100 lists, but it still has to feel good. Ten bucks says she used her royal influence to get Kate pushed off the list! I agree with a few whom I recognize—Carol Ann Duffy, for one. Go read The World’s Wife. It’s good—and obvious Joanna Lumely (you know her as Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous) has to be on the list, but is Victoria Beckham really more powerful or relevant than our dearest Kate? Please, check out the list and weigh in!

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