Queen Elizabeth Tells Kate Middleton Her Own Funeral Plans – Monarch’s Health Failing Due to Mystery Illness

Queen Elizabeth Tells Kate Middleton Her Own Funeral Plans – Monarch’s Health Failing Due to Mystery Illness

We’ve already told you that Queen Elizabeth’s health has been declining over the past few months. She was treated for gastroenteritis last month and is also known to have heart problems. At 86-years old it’s pretty amazing to see this woman still insisting on ruling her country and that in itself is a tribute to how tough she actually is. Unfortunately she has also had other health issues that seem to have doctors puzzled.

According to the April 15th print edition of GLOBE Kate Middleton recently rushed to be at the Queen’s side after learning that her majesty has had dizzy spells and has been passing out without any warning. She insisted on getting out of bed to go and speak with Kate in her private lounge and the women had a serious chat. She told Kate that the doctor’s don’t know what’s wrong with her and that it seems to just be that her over-all health is declining. The Queen also confided that she has been planning her funeral to resemble that of the Queen Mother’s back in 2002 and that the procession will follow the same path that was used for Kate and Prince William’s wedding two years ago.

The Queen has been advised to retire and spent her last days resting but she’s absolutely refusing. She insists that she will rule until her death, in part because she hates Camilla Parker-Bowles and doesn’t want to allow her anywhere near the throne within her lifetime. That’s one of the main reasons that the queen is rumored to want William to bypass his father, Prince Charles, and to ascend to the throne after her death.

Do you think that the Queen will live to see the birth of Kate and William’s baby this summer?  Will he be King before his father? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • boho moth

    The Queen won’t have planned her own funeral, she’s not a civilian or a run of the mill average old granny talking to her grand-daughter-in-law, it will be a state funeral and have been set out for years, much as the Queen Mothers’ was.

  • I surely pray she survives to se the heri to her throne borne and spend considerable time with her/him and to get through her request to pass on her crown to William and Kate as King and Queen. Not to his father and that aweful Camilla. Please angels answer our prayers for this very special family. William and Kate are the answer the Royals have needed for a very long time.

  • even tho i’m not from the united kindom i do hope she lives long enough to see her great grandson, and that prince william and his wife kate become the next king and queen