Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra Parks Tells Kenya Moore Hands Off Her Man, Apollo Nido

Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra Parks Tells Kenya Moore Hands Off Her Man, Apollo Nido

Phaedra Parks, a lawyer, married Apollo Nida, on November 1, 2009, six months after he was released from serving nearly five years in jail on charges of racketeering. They celebrated their third anniversary and preparing for the birth of their second son.

Watch out— Phaedra Parks has had enough of Kenya Moores outrageous flirting with her man. Bravo cannot help but to continue to exploit the battle of the asses from classless ladies all over a convicted criminal with a known and extensive criminal history.  Apollo was convicted of racketeering under the RICO act, which deals with white and blue collar crimes associated with criminal organizations, having allegedly forged VIN decals and false documents of ownership in a car-theft ring. Apollo was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the crime, beginning his sentence in July of 2004. He received parole in May 2009, just months before marrying Phaedra Parks in November.

Apollo, he’s kind of fine,” said Kenya, when they were two frolicking together in a pool and go-cart racing. Kenya fine and felony go hand and hand so I agree with Phaedra your ass is crazy. However this does not let Phaedra off the hook as a lawyer her ass can be real dumb at times.  The actions Kenya showed during that appearance were inappropriate and Phaedra should have checked her right then and there instead of building a friendship in Anguilla.  The ladies have a rocky relationship that hit a new low when Kenya crosses the line Phaedra says she “propositioned” her husband with a “sexual act!”

Low is when you, Phaedra an educated lawyer who once was seen on RHOA taking payment from an alleged drug dealer in the parking lot of the court house.  Phaedra you are a liar on many things to even include your relationship with Cynthia Bailey when you were busted talking out the side of your ass about her and it was all recoded on voicemail.  Maybe if you paid more attention to your convicted husband than Apollo would not be making statement like this:

I’ve lost a sense of who I am, like I’m turning into a different person, and I wanna go back to the fun individual that I was,” Nida reveals.

Phaedra, Kenya Moore is the caliber woman that Apollo would be accustomed to but you are the lawyer that he married in order to have in his back pocket to assist him with any legal trouble he may run across again. When it comes to the battle of the asses it’s apparent any ass is fine with Apollo.  Or better yet let’s ask just ask Corey Lamont Thomas, William Spearman, and Brandon Phillips–all aliases that Nida gave to the police during his various arrests!

The  “PHINE” Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida who previously released his “Phine Body Workout tape with his wife Phaedra Parks is again facing cheating allegations with a 20 year old college student after the release of an anonymous email.

According to gossip blog RhymesWithSnitch a woman sent them a letter alleging that she had a rendezvous with Nida at an Atlanta area hotel.

I was in town on leisure travel when I meet [sic] no other than (Apollo Nida) on Oct. 24,2012,” wrote the woman. “In addition, he had just made his way back in town from LA from a modeling job. We meet [sic] at Twist resturant [sic] on Peachtree st. We began talkin [sic] and had a few drinks, then we decided to get a hotel an relax, but on the way to the hotel Apollo told me we was unhappyly [sic] married. […] I also attached a copy of the receipt,” the woman added

With allegation of turmoil in the marriage, cheating scandals, and possible divorce Phaedra the writing is on the wall. Everyone knows having a baby has and will never stop a cheating man nor save a doomed marriage. Let me hear what you think about the actions of educated Parks? Should she believe the rumors?  Are Kenya and Phaedra crazy? Share your thoughts.

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