Robert Pattinson Breaks Kristen Stewart’s Heart For Valentine’s Day

Robert Pattinson Breaks Kristen Stewart's Heart For Valentine's Day

While Robert Pattinson might have been busy sleeping with blonde chicks filming The Rover in Australia, Kristen Stewart was left all alone on Valentine’s Day as her relationship with the actor is still on thin ice. According to reports, K-Stew spent the day with her mother Jules Stewart and her younger brother Taylor Stewart as they dined out to eat some delicious food.

But guess what?! R-Patz didn’t even bother calling her yesterday… not once! Now, we previously reported that Robert was still pissed about the whole cheating scandal between his girlfriend and Rupert Sanders, but it’s ridiculous to think that this guy claims he’s still with Kristen, yet he cheats on her and doesn’t even call her on Valentine’s Day! Poor Kristen. We feel bad for her.

Robert’s trip to Australia was more of a getaway trip from Stewart so he could think things through and figure out whether he still wanted to be with her or not, and well, considering that she didn’t even receive a card from her beau yesterday, he seems to be hinting to her that he’s found something better Down Under. Probably the hot chick he was rumored to be banging last month. Definitely an upgrade from Stewart, so we can’t even be mad at him for that. Ha.

Robert Pattinson Breaks Kristen Stewart's Heart For Valentine's Day

A source explained to Hollywood Life“Kristen spent the day with her mom, [Jules Stewart] and her little brother [Taylor Stewart]. As far as I know, she didn’t get any Valentine’s Day gifts from Rob. She’s been hanging out with her mom a lot lately. I think her mom is really comforting and supportive. And so is her brother.” No matter how angry you are for something the other half may have done to you, not sending a gift or even phoning them up to tell them how much you love them on Valentine’s Day is so disrespectful.

Rob, we know you’re sleeping with all these blonde chicks in Australia, but don’t let those women distract you from at least pretending to be in love with Kristen. Send her at least something to show her that you care for her. Because if you don’t, someone else will. Well, at least there’s one positive thing that came out of all of this; Jacob now has a chance to make his move on Bella after all. LOLz