Robin Thicke And Paula Patton’s Open Marriage: Anything Goes as Robin and Lana Scolora Hook Up

Robin Thicke And Paula Patton's Open Marriage: Anything Goes as Robin and Lana Scolora Hook Up

Before the Internet blew up this week with the Robin Thicke cheating stories, there was actually several rumors going around for a couple of years that stated that Robin and his wife, Paula Patton, could have an open marriage.

It all started with the photograph that was uploaded to Twitter last week and at first glance, it seemed innocent enough – a young woman, Lana Scolaro, posing with Robin Thicke. However, fans soon managed to deduce from the mirror in the background that Robin was actually grabbing her ass in the background. That picture soon went viral and everybody accused Robin of cheating on Paula, but the couple has completely ignored the rumors and have conveniently gone on a family friendly photo op with their children in Florida.

Lana has already sold her story [of course!] to In Touch, and claims that she and Robin hooked up. She gave all the gory details, explaining, “We hooked up. Things got a bit out of control. [Robin] started making out with me. He was grabbing me and putting his band on my bum. It was so risky. I was like, ‘Whoa, you have a wife! What are you doing?'” She adds that Robin claimed that he and his wife were ‘very chill’, which could just be another definition of an open relationship.

Robin’s rep has spoken up and claims that Paula was with Robin the whole night, which then led to rumors that Paula was also involved in the sexual activities – although it differs from Lana’s story.

I believe that Robin and Paula have an open relationship, and Robin’s probably just as much of a sleeze as this story makes him look like he is. However, Lana’s story conveniently came out AFTER the picture went viral, which makes me think she was pressured into selling her ‘story’ to make a quick buck.

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