Sandra Bullock Heartbroken By George Clooney (Photos)

Sandra Bullock Heartbroken By George Clooney (Photos)

There was a story about Sandra Bullock and George Clooney on the National Enquirer. The headline was “Sandra Bullock is headed for heartbreak with George Clooney”.  But those two aren’t together.

To spell it out why that won’t be happening, you should remember that George has a type. It’s called nowhere near 40.Unlike America’s sweetheart Sandra who recently turned 49 otherwise known as 50. As you can see they are not together. They’re only friends. Jeesh just because their friends and like to joke around on the red carpet everyone wants them paired them off. Well too bad. That’s not going to happen even if her age wasn’t on display.

The mag went on to say Sandra was looking for a relationship. This is a major contradiction. If she really was on a man hunt then she wouldn’t be looking at George. The man claimed he’s never going to get remarried and all of his girlfriends have an expiration date of year and half at most. That’s not what Sandra would want. Please remember she does have a kid after all.

That’s probably why she’s contemplating a relationship to begin with. Kids can accept relationships and even build bonds but their parents won’t be introducing them to every hit it and quit it. That’s not what a responsible parent should do. If she would never be dumb enough to attempt to scale Mt. George. That whole situation with Jessie James was a fluke. A fluke that lasted several years but still a fluke.

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  1. Pamela says:

    They would make a nice couple if they did get together.