Sandra Bullock’s Total Make Over: Hunting For a Good Man


Can you believe it has already been three years since Jesse James publicly embarrassed the heck out of Sandra Bullock and made a total mockery of their marriage? In that time the A-list actress turned all of her personal attention towards newly adopted son, Louis and swore it was entirely possible that she would never date again. Now that her boy is getting a bit older and Sandra has healed from her busted marriage she is rumored to be looking for Mr. Right.

According to the Sept. 16th print edition of OK magazine Sandra has ditched her dowdy clothes and is now opting to hire a stylist that will give her look a total make over from head to toe. Already the tweaks in appearance and attitude may be working because Sandra spent quality time with George Clooney at his Lake Cumo Villa before heading together to the Venice Film Festival. The two have been good friends for years but now that they are both single sources have wondered if there was more than friendship in the air.

Do you think that Sandra’s would continue her bad taste in men by looking for romance with George? I mean, of course he’s hot but he’s an admitted player and Mr. Right Now. Do you think that Sandra will be one of the many women that believes that she can make George want to settle down? Isn’t she smarter than that after everything she has gone through?

Maybe hanging with George and the attention from him is simply a greatly needed ego boost at a point in time when she’s open to feeling it. Is Sandra on the hunt for love and has she set her sights on George? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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