Scarlett Johansson Attacks French Author Gregoire Delacourt with Lawsuit for using her Name in a Novel!

Scarlett Johansson Attacks French Author Gregoire Delacourt with Lawsuit for using her Name in a Novel!

Sometimes celebrities do things that just make us say, Really? You’re doing this right now? Scarlett Johansson recently dished out a very serious lawsuit to French author Gregoire Delacourt after learning that he used her name in one of his novels, as simply a reference to describe on of his characters. Well, Scarlett, who plays the Black Widow in The Avengers franchise, struck hard and fast and is making it known that nobody should mess with her when it comes to the brand she’s made for herself.

ScarJo is apparently filing the lawsuit to seek “compensation and damages from the ‘breach and fraudulent use of personal rights,’ as well as a ban on ‘future transfer of rights and adaptations of the book.'” What do you think about her claims? Hmm. . . .I guess the article could’ve asked for permission. But, on the other hand, should it really be made this big of a deal? Not sure. Interested to hear your thoughts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “In the novel The First Thing We Look At, a woman shows up at the door of a mechanic in the northern village of Somme seeking help. At first the mechanic believes she is ‘Scarlett Johansson,’ though sixty pages later it is revealed she is not the actress but simply a doppelganger named Jeanine Foucaprez.”

On the issue, the author told a local French newspaper: “This corresponds with the fantasies of our times. All these famous people live with us. But I wrote a book of fiction. My character is not Scarlett Johansson, it is Jeanine Foucaprez!” When speaking about the themes his book speaks to, he said they’re ultimately about the “dictatorship of appearances and the true beauty of women,” to which he adds, “[Scarlett] is the epitome of beauty today.”

He also used other celebrity references to describe his characters, including Gene Hackman and Ryan Gosling. Nothing yet on whether or not those actors had a problem with the news. Who knows? Regardless, you can be sure that the sales of his book will spike in the US. The book is already a bestseller in France.

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Image credit to Fameflynet