Sean Lowe Cheating Affair With Emily Maynard – Fiance Betrayed

Sean Lowe Cheating Affair With Emily Maynard – Fiance Betrayed

Sean Lowe may say he’s chaste, loyal, and re-virginized, but the scorned Bachelorette contestant is anything but! After being brutally dumped by Emily Maynard, Sean won his own chance to find love with a dozen sexually promiscuous (though thwarted by his virtuous bedroom rules) social climbers. This season he’s been all about finding the inner beauty in a woman who could be his wife and best friend, but off camera he’s the opposite! Despite proposing to a woman (spoiler censored, click here for the run down!) in Thailand, Sean has since been romantically linked to Emily—even thoug he’s still officially engaged! He and his winner haven’t even come out as a couple and he’s already cheating!

Sean looked so nervous” to see Emily at a party, a source told Star Magazine, print edition March 11, 2013. “You could see the old sparks were still there.” The sparks ignited when Emily “texted him immediately after leaving and said she regretted not having chosen him. She was heartbroken.” You remember that Emily and her winner Jef Holm split after only a few months of off-air dating, and now she “sees how famous Sean’s become and it drives her crazy. She’s desperate for the spotlight.”

Of course Sean is “supposed to be engaged, and he’s acting like a single man,” the insider reported. “It’s definitely cheating!” Though Sean acted sincere on the show, he’s “been waiting to hear” from Emily since being dumped! Based on what we’ve seen of Sean’s chosen bride, she’ll be heartbroken! The girl seems sweet (if not seriously bizarre and not at all my type), and doesn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated. Of course, she’s an adult woman and should know better than to turn to TV as a means of finding true love! It’s a hard one to call! Does the winner deserve to be scorned this way, or is Sean being an overly tan pig?

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