Sean Lowe Proposes To The Wrong Girl: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter’s Lies (PHOTO)

Sean Lowe Proposes To The Wrong Girl: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter’s Lies (PHOTO)

Hey guess what – all of those girls on the ABC reality hit show The Bachelor looking for a proposal were less than honest about their intentions! I know, you’re as shocked as I am right? Not so much. It seems that before Sean Lowe even had the opportunity to propose to the worst woman for him, the producers really stacked the deck to make sure that love was not bound to happen. Whoever was in charge of casting either didn’t really check into the backgrounds of the contenders, or else they wanted the behind the scenes scandal that has slowly unfolded all season.

Sean was supposedly looking for a wife, because he’s a relationship guy (don’t ya know?) and his quest for love has sort of blinded his judgment.  According to sources his final two picks have already thought about what they’ll do after either Sean doesn’t choose them or else when the made-by-television showmance crumbles. Lindsay Yenter is a model from NC that already figures she’s perfect to be on the next season of The Bachelorette.  In Touch Magazine says that Lindsay is way more interested in her 15 minutes of fame than she is being in love and that was her true motivation for signing on. Catherine Giudici is the rumored winner and a graphic artist with major career aspirations. The Seattle based 26-year old is wanting to launch a career in NYC and already has had publicity photos done.

In other words, neither woman is truly ready to settle down and play housewife to Sean in a more traditional marriage. Instead they have clear cut goals that go against anything that he has claimed to want in a woman.  This morning we told you about Sean possibly hooking up with Emily Maynard again. Perhaps his engagement to Catherine already fell apart and he returned to Emily’s arms?

Will Sean find any sort of love on this show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: In Touch

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6 responses to “Sean Lowe Proposes To The Wrong Girl: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter’s Lies (PHOTO)”

  1. annoymous says:

    hahahaha this is Bullshit!!! At the end this is a reality show. And it’s called the “BACHELOR”. Get over it! Enjoy the ride after this year’s bachelor season ends. No need to write a lot of speculations and digging dirt to the 2 women left. When there is a dirt to come out. Which I don;t think those speculations are really shocking. Come on! gossip board . Get your facts right! and wait these people to speak themselves instead of making fake rumors… jeez! About that Emily Maynard thing . For me personally is “Laughable”. and beyond stupid. So what if they saw at the the vip bachelor event last month at the mansion. Of course that kind of reactios are pretty normal. If ever this kind of gestures happened because we don’t know about it. ( just a rumor ). and even clarified both lowe and maynard did not have an emotional encounter. Jeez! give the guy to live his new life and give it a try then well see how far his journey of being a married guy ( now that he is engaged to the woman he chose) will go, I think he is pretty happy of who he chose at the end, I don;t know how long will goinv to last but I am giving this guy a chance to live his life with this person he chose, because he derserved it. It’s up to him and this person to take good care of what they have . at the end just him and her that matters.

  2. […] Lowe is in for a nasty shock! The world is just a week and a half away from finding out exactly how he proposed to his chosen woman, but their real life romance is proving to be far less romantic! Sean has been sincere and devoted […]

  3. Lana Bryne says:

    Catherine & Sean’s journey on the Bachelor was the most realistic, unrehearsed that naturally evolved into something beautiful & promising.After the proposal,I only wish ppl would just let them be . Speculating then making assumptions & worse, calling it news translates to trash.Am happy for both of them, I wish them the best & like any relationship, ppl ought to give them a chance to work on what they have together. Quit judging

  4. Maddy says:

    Lindsay Yenter is NOT from NC, and is NOT a model. She is a teacher from Ft Leonard Wood, MO