Sean Lowe’s Sperm Donation To Sister For Surrogate Pregnancy

Sean Lowe's Sperm Donation To Sister For Surrogate Pregnancy

This season of The Bachelor has been all about family values, and Sean Lowe’s real life scandals are no different. He’s about to choose which finalist will become his wife, and children will be a big part of their future together—assuming they don’t split up because of his affair with Emily Maynard! Despite his playboy attitude, Sean is desperate to expand his family, so much so that he tried to give sperm to his own sister! In what could be an exceptionally incestuous story, but is actually quite sweet, we learn that Sean really does put family before everything—even his future bride!

Sean’s sister Shay Shull and her husband have struggled with infertility, and after several unsuccessful tries of IVF, Sean tried to help. “Family is everything to him and having kids is a big part of it,” a source told National Enquirer, print edition March 11, 2103. “But month after month, he heard the same disappointing news: his sister wasn’t pregnant.” So, Sean “offered to donate his sperm to a surrogate so his older sister Shay could have the child she so badly craved . . . so his sister could have a baby with at least some of her family’s genes.”

It might be a little strange, but his heart is in the right place! Luckily, Shay got pregnant twice in a row, while off hormone treatments. She is now mother to two healthy kids, but her marriage is on the rocks! She spent her 31st birthday in St. Croix with Chris Harrison—she was visiting Sean and the crew had a party for her! A source said that, “now that Chris is single, he’s on the prowl for a new lady love. He was really putting the moves on Shay, and she seemed to love the attention. The entire cast and production crew picked up on it. He didn’t even try to hide it!” Do you think Sean’s sperm offer was noble? Will his sister divorce her husband to be Chris’ new bride?

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