Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber A Delinquent – Prefers An Older Guy Like Robert Pattinson

Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber A Delinquent - Prefers An Older Guy Like Robert Pattinson

It looks like distance really has helped to provide some clarity for Selena Gomez. Nearly two months after her final split from teen star Justin Bieber, she now wonders why on earth she wasting her time on a younger guy.  While Selena has really focused on work and her career since the couple split, she has watched at a distance as Justin totally backslides. He is more famous for rolling blunts, hooking up with minors and snubbing his fans now than the music that supposedly made him popular in the first place.

According to Radar Online, a source close to Selena can’t believe his actions and it makes it easier for her to move on.

“Selena is doing really well and feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders now that Justin is out of the picture. She finds Justin to be embarrassing since their breakup. He’s turned into exactly the kind of person she’d never want to be with.”

According to that source, not only will Selena never go back to Justin, but she also won’t date a younger guy again. This time around she’s on the hunt for an older guy that has gone through his wilder phase and is looking for an adult relationship. I’m so glad to hear that Selena has finally learned her lesson, aren’t you?  Who would you like to see Selena with next? I’m still pulling for a date or two with Robert Pattinson. He is rumored to be getting to know Selena’s good pal, Demi Lovato, but I can still see him with Selena. For some reason I could definitely see them working as a long term couple!

Tell us who you’d like to see Selena with next in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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