Selena Gomez Crashes Car Into Pole: Drug Problems, Needs Rehab Stat? (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez Crashes Car Into Pole: Drug Problems, Needs Rehab Stat? (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez has always had a squeaky-clean image, and has gone out of her way to appear perfect in the public eye. We really should have all seen this coming though, it’s basically become a right of passage for Disney stars to veer off the straight and narrow and become over-night train wrecks.

Selena shocked us all when she dropped the f-bomb on stage in front of thousands of people at the Jingle Ball concert, something that is completely out of character for her. We didn’t even know that word was in perfect Selena’s vocabulary!

On Friday Selena did something else that raised some eyebrows. She decided to cancel her world tour so she could take some “me time.” We all know that in Hollywood “me time” is just a nice way of saying “some time for me to check myself into rehab.” Rumors are running rampant that Selena Gomez may be dealing with something far more serious than F-bombs and exhaustion, but no one as any proof. Well, we do!

Selena was photographed today in Hollywood, CA, driving erratically. After leaving a salon today, she drove into a pole! We are still trying to figure out how she managed to hit a pole with the side of her car (that takes skill). Maybe Selena is just a really bad driver. But when you consider the fact that in the past month she was acting belligerently at a concert and swearing on stage, cancelled her world tour for “me time,” AND driving into objects that aren’t even moving, it all makes sense.

Move over Demi, you’re not the only Disney star with a problem!

Selena Gomez hides her face after scraping the side of her car on a pole while leaving a salon in West Hollywood , California on December 22, 2013. Selena who canceled her tour because she needs more ‘Me Time’ should use that time to learn how to drive

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

17 responses to “Selena Gomez Crashes Car Into Pole: Drug Problems, Needs Rehab Stat? (PHOTOS)”

  1. busybeeblogger says:

    Oh Selena, this does not look good

  2. Pamela says:

    Wow that looks bad. hope she’s ok

  3. allie says:

    This is what happens when you hand the youth a ton of cash

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  5. ivan says:

    Her clean wholesome image is a media mirage; she’s always portrayed as the classy one who was victimized by Justin Bieber who the media has portrayed as the bad guy although they know little or nothing of the princess like way she was treated while they were together. The media is and image manipulator based on the reports they post and those they ignore.

  6. Jenn says:

    She brushed a pole while parallel parking. She tends to over think which is not good when driving not to mention having the additional stress of paparazzi stalking her. She is fine she has just been away from her family for a while. This was her first time away from them and first tour on her own.

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  8. Kelley Hackney says:

    Star Wackers strike again.

  9. Molly1958 says:

    Whatever her problem is, the statement her team released is the standard, “she has a serious drug problem, but we’re going to say she’s stressed over her breakup with Bieber.” Couldn’t they have said she broke her jaw, or something more believable?

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  16. Jade Perez says:

    You ever stop to think that maybe Bieber is that way he is BECAUSE OF HOMEZ? no of course not. Because generally in today’s society. The male is perpetually in the wrong. He was straight as shit until he met her manipulative roller coaster ass. They were on and off constantly. That fucks with your mind. So he went a wall and started binge dating. Serial socializing. She’s a cunt. And sorry for whoever doesn’t agree. And no disrespect t her ans. You can like her. But at least don’t be blind. She’s a scheming liar, who wanted justin for popularity. She’s super famous. Just for even being near him. He’s her meal ticket to staying relevant. There is no love on her side. She’s had Nick, Taylor, and countless hookups. This however is Justin’s first love. She gets upset when he hangs out with girls…He’s single he can do as he pleases. By she makes it seem like he cheats, she plays the victim just like her troll bff Swift. There just fake bitches who hook themselves into these boys, suck them dry and make sure they either go crazy, or make them seem like unfaithful scum. To cover their asses. Justin doesn’t do drugs. And if he had ambian he got it from Selena. She drinks, she smokes weed. She’s a fucking liar. She went to rehab not Justin remember that. She hides behind her “bible study groups” and her “charity functions” she’s as transparent as glass. Justin is a super talented guy. He’s doing nothing wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised all his fucking ups have to do with her. He hit that paparazzi, she was there. She told him to. Watch the video and how she yells something to him. Everytime the get together he’s fine. They break up he has a meltdown. She does it on purpose she’s evil. I just hope people see her true colors soon. No one will miss her. She can’t sing or act. She’s talentless. Only talent she has is manipulation and covering her ass. Just like Swift.

  17. Steve Dwyer says:

    People dont believe this, she was diagnosed with lupus , she s human and anyone can have an accident. all the media knows how to do is screw with celebrities. Leave her alone. She s a great person and amazing personality. she s a strong girl , go Selena !