Selena Gomez and George Shelley Hookup Show She’s All Grown Up?

Selena Gomez and George Shelley Hookup Show She's All Grown Up?

Anything is better than hooking up with Justin Bieber, right? Especially when it comes to Selena Gomez who just so happens to be who I’m talking about. The former Disney star seems to have finally shaken off whatever the heck it was that made her keep creeping back to Justin (being a career whore?) and has managed to set her sights elsewhere, like on a boybander. George Shelley is part of the British export, Union J and he was a contestant on The X Factor UK. He and Selena have recently gotten to know each other well enough that she flew him and his band down to Portugal to open her concert for her.

Speaking of concerts, Selena recently gave an ambitious photographer an extra show while she performed. Girlfriend needs to not forget her panties on stage again because obviously cameras are looking for an opportunity to get a look at her goodies. Poor Selena learned this the hard way as an extra close up photo turned up on Media Take Out the other day. At least they had to work to get the shot, it wasn’t handed to them a’ la Miley Cyrus style.

Anyway, after the show George and his boys met up with Selena and her girls for a hotel room party and by 2am everyone else scattered so that the two could hook up in private. Obviously Selena has grown up and she’s not toying with teenagers any more. Do you think that George is boyfriend material or was this just a friendly night for the two? Do you think Selena is over Justin enough to even want a man or is she content to do whatever and whomever she pleases? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Selena Gomez and George Shelley Hookup Show She’s All Grown Up?”

  1. ivan says:

    That won’t do much for her career. Obviously she’s hooking up with a kid with one of the top boy bands for the added benefits it might bring but her past indicates this might last a few weeks or months. Bieber has been demonized by gossip sites as the bad one but nobody will treat her the way Justin treated her if you bother to check the things he did with and for her. But he is repaid by being shaded on Letterman, in two videos and in comments she has made.

  2. thebutcher says:

    She’s a career whore. Only uses guys to further her talentless self. She has no talent what so ever