Selena Gomez SideBoob and Near Nip Slip Photos at Spring Breakers Premiere

Selena Gomez SideBoob and Near Nip Slip Photos at Spring Breakers Premiere

It looks like Selena Gomez was purposely trying to send a message to everyone at her Spring Breakers movie premiere last night in Paris. She is definitely grown up and absolutely ready to embrace the part of smokin’ hot actress.  While Selena truly does look great every time a camera snaps a pic, she has clearly upped the ante by wearing a striking blue Gucci dress on last nights red carpet. It was glitzed out and bedazzled from top to bottom with a very thin piece of fabric holding it on in the back.

Onlookers were stunned to see that Selena had crossed the line into clear cut sexy territory by showing a bit of side boob when she turned to pose for photographers. It was a smart first step in sexing up her image and beginning to show herself off a little more.

From the looks of things Selena is no longer looking to attract a teenaged boy with her red carpet look. She is revamping herself into a smoldering young woman and that will appeal to grown men everywhere. This dress and look matches her attitude and all of the above are telling Justin Beiber that he is no longer worthy of her attention.

Do you think Selena went to far and should still cover up a bit more? Or is it about time she’s embracing a sexier side that eventually would have to be there? Heck, other Disney stars close to her age now have babies, why can’t Selena start dressing her age? Do you think Justin will look at these photos and regret his cheating ways and bad choices? Or is he sitting back, rolling a blunt surrounded by a cloud of smoke not even caring? Tell us your thoughts on Selena’s risky new style in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet