Selena Gomez Wants Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Role – Disney Image Too Clean?

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I’ve noticed something about all of the young actresses that have come from the Disney machine: either they leave the house of mouse and take on much more adult acting roles, or else they get into trouble in their private lives. Think about it, having to be so extra good seems to cause a serious inner rebellion.  Vanessa Hudgens has had naked underage photos leaked, twice. Miley Cyrus has been caught doing various things on camera and well, then there’s Lindsay Lohan who is in a class by herself.

Selena Gomez has echoed the same sentiment, telling The New York Times,

Disney is a machine, and I’m grateful for it, but I feel like being part of that environment made me crave the reaction from other projects even more,”

Selena first embraced an edgier role in Spring Breakers which hits theaters this weekend. Now it seems the starlet is contemplating whether or not a spin as Anastasia Steele could be in the cards for her. If she’s truly craving racier parts then starring in Fifty Shades of Grey would certainly satisfy her need while introducing her to a completely different viewing audience. I’ll admit it’s a bit tough envisioning Selena in a BDSM flick, but what if she can morph into Ana? What if her acting chops allow her to be believable? This girl hasn’t had a dud or failed at anything she has set her mind to, career-wise, in years. Maybe this film is what she needs to really step permanently from the Disney channel mode.

Can you see Selena in Fifty Shades of Grey?  Are you hoping that she at least steps up and screen tests for the role of Ana?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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8 responses to “Selena Gomez Wants Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Role – Disney Image Too Clean?”

  1. kacy50 says:

    Another horrible suggestion. She doesn’t even look the part.

  2. when a quote ends, you put a full stop, not a comment.
    k? thanks.

    • earsucker says:


      • don’t expect any comments from me on your blog. i wouldn’t take stuff from here and start drama on your blog — i simply stated the writer didn’t do their research and you threw all kinds of fits. whatever the case may be, i didn’t have a problem with you, but now that you are taking stuff over to my blog, i will not contribute to your blog.

  3. A fecking baby for that role? No thanks! I won’t be paying the bucks to see it. Nor would I see it for free.

  4. Ann Roberts says:

    Yeah she’s pretty and looks innocent (honestly find her sexy), but honestly, I think they need to
    find a woman who isn’t well known. That way nobody and identify her
    with some kids stuff.

  5. […] this week that being a child actor that was part of the Disney machine has made her need to go and test racier genres out. Hopefully she can play the part of the grown up bad girl well because if so, a whole new world […]