Sharon Osbourne Slams Kris Jenner for her Famewhoring Ways — Wants her New Talk Show To Fail!

Sharon Osbourne Slams Kris Jenner for her Famewhoring Ways -- Wants her New Talk Show To Fail!

Sharon Osbourne has nerve talking about Kris Jenner in any light. The Osbournes was nothing but an off-the-wall family whose father Ozzy Osbourne happened to be a rocker. The show stars were Ozzy’s wife Sharon, his daughter Kelly, and son Jack as MTV followed their daily lives as a wacky rocker’s family. Wait! Fast forward! What, we have the Kardashians, which is another off the wall family, whose daughter Kim Kardashian just so happens to be a porn star in the making and made this family very rich.

Sharon appears to be jealous of Kris Jenner. Jealous is not becoming on Sharon, and it looks bad on her and the Talk. The Osbourne family is having some trouble, too. Ozzy has fallen off the wagon and admitted to relapsing into his old life of drugs and alcohol; however, if Sharon was paying more attention to her own life and less about someone else’s TRAINWRECK of a family her marriage and husband would be okay.

Kris Jenner’s show will be an ultimate failure just like the Kardashian clan and it does not take a genius to figure this out. However, Sharon, I would just shut up since The Osbournes was the first American reality television program featuring the domestic life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, his family, the nanny Melinda, a bunch of dogs, and friends of Kelly and Jack who always dropped in.

How can we forget about the Osbournes, Sharon? No one cared about you or your family until March 5, 2002 when MTV premiered the show. Sharon and Kris have something in common — which is the fact that they both are two self indulged mothers who both used their family for fame and fortune in hopes to spring board themselves into super stardom. Sharon needs to get off her high horse and think twice before speaking, thinking, or judging others.

Let’s be clear, Kris Jenner’s new show will fail miserably, but Sharon is the last person who should question or doubt anyone’s motives. Does Sharon have any right to talk about Kris Jenner? Do you agree both women are famewhores and only used their children and family for fame and fortune?

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  • earsucker

    We have that in common, I want her stupid show to fail, too.

  • Whoa, the Osbournes, even with all the issues they may have, will ALWAYS be better than the Kartrashians! Ozzy is a freakin’ god of rock and one of the most respected artists in the business and Sharon might be a bitch, but she speaks the truth and doesn’t care who gets mad. That’s an admirable trait instead of the a**-kissing that most people do nowadays. You are ridiculous.

  • Pamela

    No one is actually going to watch it are they?!

  • mollymoon

    sharon actually loves her family though….

  • Sharon Osbourne Rocks!

    Kris Jenner’s show will be a flop. She will want all the attention on herself and not the guests-if she can get any.
    Sharon Osborne may have a big mouth….but she loves and protects her family like theres no tommorow! She has stood by and supported Ozzy with his drug issues and Ozzy has supported Sharon with her cancer issues. The TRULY love each and have been together over 30 years! She does not disrespect her husband the way Kris does. Sharon is also on a sucessful talkshow. Hollywood -listers LOVE Sharon and HATE Kris Jenner! Even with her faults (and she even admits them) Sharon is a MILLION times better than Kris Jenner will EVER be!!