So You Think You Can Dance RECAP 7/23/13: Season 10 Episode 11 “Top 16 Perform”

So You Think You Can Dance RECAP 7/23/13: Season 10 Episode 11 "Top 16 Perform"

Tonight on FOX SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE continues with a new episode. On tonight’s show the competition continues when the Top 17 finalists compete once again for America and the judges. Did you watch the last episode? We did and we recapped it HERE, for you!

On last week’s show world-renowned choreographer and two-time Emmy Award winner Paula Abdul joined Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and FOX Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews as a guest judge.  Paula gave her expertise to critique and praise the dancers as they battled it out to remain in the competition.  Jasmine was the dancer who left last week and one dancer did not show up Detroit Animator Jade Zuberi, who unfortunately tore his meniscus.

On tonight’s show tune in to our recap to watch as these 16 remaining talented dancers try to win America’s votes in their quest to become America’s Favorite Dancers and find out who makes the cut.

Our Top 16 contestants are: Hayley Erbert and Curtis Holland; Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner; Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham; Alan Bersten; Makenzie Dustman and Paul Karmiryan; Amy Yakima and Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall; Jenna Johnson and Tucker Knox; new partners Mariah Spears and Dorian “BluPrint” Hector; and Malece Miller.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Episode 10 airs tonight at 8PM and you don’t want to miss the reveal of the first live show of the season.  Celeb Dirty Laundry will be live blogging the show each week, so don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM EST for our live recap!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight the top 16 dancers are competing on So You Think You Can Dance and it’s getting pretty fierce. The show opens with a quirky contemporary piece by Stacy Tookey and we are soon introduced to the judging panel which consists of Nigel lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Carly Rae Jepson.

We immediately launch into the bottom three guys and girls. Makenzie, BluPrint, Mariah,Curtis and Alan all do solos tonight to save themselves. I’m pretty sure that Makenzie’s staying put. Her version of Claie De Lune reminds us of why she’s here in the first place.

Alan’s a ballroom guy and so he performs a strong Paso complete with cape. Curtis’ tap dancing to John Legend totally changes the mood. I’m generally not a huge fan of tap but this guy makes me reconsider. Mariah is a Krumper by definition and it is so awesome to see her do her thing on this stage. BluPrint follows her with animating like only he can perform it. Two of these dancers will leave at the end of tonight’s show.

Alexis and Nico are up first with a crazy Jive. This started off really well but it got tricky near the end. I have to say Alexis surprises me by how well she adapts to the different styles. Nigel fears they’ll be forgotten but Mary really enjoyed it and she’s a Ballroom expert. Carly Rae thought they held up well and she loved Nico’s expressions.

Jenna and Tucker are taking on a Travis Wall contemporary piece- never an easy task. This was about a girl with no self control and Jenna was tied in red ribbons that hung from the ceiling. There were moments with ariel moves and it was just phenomenal. Mary is in tears over the stunning performance. Carly thinks it was emotional and beautiful. Nigel things it was brilliant and the nuances were memorable.

Mariah and BluPrint pulled a Brian Friedman jazz piece out of the hat. It’s supposed to be about a Greek techno goddess and it’s so energetic. Carly loved the fun factor and Nigel liked the hip hop mixed in. Mary loved their synchronization and thought it was spectacular.

Malece and Alan are working out the kinks of a Dave Scott hip hop routine. I’m pretty positive at this point that Malece is the one to beat in this competition. She owns every single style that is handed to her. Alan on the other hand, not so much. Nigel didn’t like him and Mary thought he didn’t own it. Everyone agrees that Malece totally owned it.

Hayley and Curtis performed a contemporary piece that uses a 15 foot ladder as a prop. Hayley is afraid of heights but you’d never have known it from this dance. Mary was totally impressed by Hayley and she thought Curtis’ partnering skills were spot on. We also find out that these two have been out on a date or two. Nigel thinks Curtis needs to work on his shoulders or it ruins performances.

Amy and Fikshun are taking on a Tyce Diorio hobo jazz piece with few limits. He is really letting them set the tone. This was just adorable. It looked quirky and flawless and the characters were believable. Nigel thinks that they are the couple to beat and Carly says they are the best of the night. Mary think Tyce works magic with every couple he recieves.

Makenzie and Paul drew a Dave Scott hip hop number that is meant to be set in the 1930’s. It’s a lyrical hip hop piece that’s just really cool. It mixes some authentic flapper moves with hip hop. They were hot and Nigel put them on his hot tamale train. Mary actually agrees with Nigel for once. Carly loved the sexy choreography.
[9:57:52 PM] Cate Meighan: Jasmine and Aaron drew the short straw otherwise known as the Quick Step. This usually kills couples and for the first time ever a couple actually did well! Mary thought that for the most part it was really good. Carly tells them they made it look easy and Nigel thinks their personalities dominated the dance.

It’s that time in the show where a guy and girl need to leave. BluPrint and Mariah are both sent packing but will return for the finale in a few weeks.

Tune in next week for more SYTYCD as the top 14 will perform.