Suri Cruise’s ‘Mental And Physical State’ Under Question In Tom Cruise Lawsuit

Suri Cruise's 'Mental And Physical State' Under Question In Tom Cruise Lawsuit 0215

At first I thought Tom Cruise was finally going for it. I thought he was finally taking it to Katie Holmes and calling her out for being a shit parent to gain full custody of that baby but then I realized this has to do with that Life & Style lawsuit over the infamous Suri Cruise abandonment cover.

You’ve got to hand it to Tom though. A lot of actors talk a big came and scream about suing but never get around to doing it but Tom follows his word. It might bite him in the ass though. According to Radar, as both sides are gearing up for the $50 million case, they are gathering the necessary information from each other to move forward. The attorney for Bauer Media is asking to know “the extent to which Cruise was in contact with Suri following his separation and divorce” and also if Scientology played a role in Tom visiting and communicating with his daughter. In addition, Bauer Media is asking to know Suri Cruise’s “mental and emotional state” following Katie’s magical flight and subsequent quickie divorce.

Well, Tom can’t be super stoked to have any of that information out in the open, can he? I wonder if it will be made public. I have no idea. I’ve got to assume it won’t be but we can dream, right? Basically at this point the attorney is asking Tom what we all want to know. Why did he stay away so long after Katie moved out and, in staying away, did he exacerbate emotions issues in Suri? Now we all have seen the pictures. Suri Cruise was throwing tantrums in the middle of sidewalks way before Katie planned her great escape so I don’t know if Tom damaged her (by spoiling) any more after the divorce than before.

Naturally Tom’s people want to know the magazine’s sources and if it paid them. And just in case you thought Scientology was letting Tom fight his own battles, his people also want to examine the media group’s alleged history of “bigotry and hatred toward minority religious groups and their members.”

I hope this Tom Cruise lawsuit goes to trail. This could be way entertaining and revealing. Like I said, good for Tom for sticking up for himself, however, this could bring out a lot of those skeletons in his closet. And as we’ve learned from South Park, Tom likes to keep his business in the closet.

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  2. Jen Murray says:

    Who the [expletive] are you people to call Katie Holmes a shit parent? She is with Suri constantly. Geez.