Teen Mom 3 Premiere RECAP 8/26/13: “Hope for the Best/Second Thoughts”

Teen Mom 3 Premiere RECAP 8/26/13: "Hope for the Best/Second Thoughts"

Tonight on MTV TEEN MOM 3 premieres. Teen Mom 3 features 16 & Pregnant alumni that are now documenting their lives as new moms.  The girls this season are Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, Briana Dejesus and Alex Sekella.

Mackenzie, a teen from Oklahoma who was obsessed with cheer-leading  before giving birth to her son, Gannon. She’s into cowboys, riding bulls and the typical teen stuff. Katie is focusing primarily on her baby girl Molli while Briana from Florida is in awe of her daughter Nova. Alex hails from Pennsylvania and her online life seems to revolve around her daughter Arabella.

On tonight’s show Briana is tired of Devoin not stepping up to his parental duties, and decides to pursue legal action. Katie and Joey get into an argument regarding their responsibilities as new parents. Alex continues to loose trust in her ex-boyfriend. Mackenzie and her fiance are unsure of their future.

Tonight’s season premiere of Teen Mom 3 is going to be another one filled with drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the MTV’s Teen Mom 3  at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode tonight.

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The show begins with Briana, who tells her story about keeping her daughter Nova. She has the support of her mother and her sister Brittany. Her baby daddy Devoin is not around. At lunch the sisters flirt with a waiter and their mom gets mad. Briana wants to be independent so her mom and sister do not have to help. However Nova has brought Briana and Brittany closer. Sex topic comes up and their mom tells them that neither girl needs a boyfriend right now.

Katie’s story is next. She has supportive boyfriend in Joey and has graduated high-school. She gave up going to college in Denver so she could raise her daughter Molli and take online classes. Joey works nights as coal miner so the couple rarely see each other. Katie gets nervous about Joey’s very dangerous job. It is not easy for them but they work hard at it.

Mackenzie tells her story about being a cheerleader and her boyfriend Josh who is a bull-rider. When their son Gannon was born she wanted Josh to give up the rodeo, which he did. She went back to school with the help of her mother. Mackenzie is a diabetic. Josh and Mackenzie live separately with their parents but since the birth of their son they spend a lot of time fighting instead of talking. It is their 2-year anniversary so her mom watches the baby so they can go out. The couple goes out to dinner and discusses their wedding, which will happen after she graduates.

Alex is the last of the new cast to tell her story. Her mom and her boyfriend Matt were not supportive when she got pregnant. Although she thought about adoption when her daughter Arabella was born she could not give her up. Thankfully her mom stepped up to help out when she could. It was still hard especially since she did not get support from Matt, who struggles with Matt. He decided to go to rehab and his stint is almost done. Alex works three jobs to make ends meet for her daughter while earning her high-school diploma online. When Matt gets out of rehab he will live with Alex and Arabella at Alex’s mother’s house. Alex is unsure of where her relationship with Matt is going.

Briana goes shopping with Nova and her mom. She is approved for government assistance, WICK. Later her mom talks about the amount of money that WICK is helping them save but Briana reveals it bothers her they are in the program. Unfortunately they do not have a choice while Briana is in school and school comes first.

Mackenzie takes Gannon to Josh’s house so they can talk. She tells him how much Gannon looks like him. Mackenzie tells Josh she doesn’t think he is trying and if he doesn’t want to be with her she should say. Josh says she gets annoying when she gets so mad and sometimes he doesn’t care what happens to them. Mackenzie leaves upset with the baby.

Alex prepares for Matt to come home from rehab. When he arrives at her house he immediately picks up the baby. The conversation begins to be all about Arabella. Then she asks him about how he feels about them. She doesn’t want the in between stuff and needs to know where he stands. Matt tells her she is stressing him out. He gets mad when she keeps probing him about the subject. She wants Matt to be the guy he was two years ago and Matt basically tells Alex that guy is gone. Matt tells her that he still has the same demons. In the end Alex says she just wants him there for their daughter and is scared he is not on board. He tells her that he will always be there for his daughter.

Joey picks Katie up from work and notices a dent in the car. She gets pissed when says he got in an accident and he acts like it is no big deal. She is storms into the house and tells him he act like eh doesn’t care. The two fight and she goes to their room.

Brittany is playing with Nova when she farts in her face. The two sisters talk about how Devoin is not there for Nova and it makes Briana mad. Brittany reminds her that she and their mom will always be there for her and Nova. Briana makes a comment about how hard it is and how sometimes she wishes she would have listened to their mom and got an abortion like Brittany did. But then quickly says how much she loves Nova it is just hard. Briana breaks down as she said even though she has her family she still feels alone.

Mackenzie is still reeling from her fight with Josh and talks to her mom about it. She explains how she tried to find out about their future but Josh blew her off. Her mom asks if they are going to break up and Mackenzie says if things don’t get better they will break up. When asked about her future Mackenzie says she sees cheerleading in her future. Her mom pressures her and Mackenzie reveals she wants her son to grow up with a mom and a dad who loves his mom.

Matt ignores Alex since their talk and he isn’t pitching in around the house either like he was supposed to. Alex’s mom sits him down and says he has to follow the rules of her house and he must chip in to help out. It is a team effort and he has to get on board. Alex doesn’t think it went that well. Her mom tells her that she gives it a week before Matt is gone.

Katie leaves her house as the fight about the car gets worse. Joey calls to find out when she will get back and she asks why he doesn’t care. Her dad is with her and tells her she should not be unhappy with the mane she is with. Katie wants things to go back to the way they used to be before she and Joey had Molli.

Josh and Mackenzie still have yet to talk. She confides in her friend about their troubles. Josh complains to his friend about Mackenzie and how he wouldn’t be heartbroken if she left but he does love her. Josh texts Mackenzie saying he loves her and wants them to stop fighting. He doesn’t want the fighting to tear them apart.
Briana’s baby daddy Devoin is writing nasty stuff about her online because she didn’t put his name on Nova’s birth certificate. He calls her things like slut, whore etc. She tells her mom and shows her his Twitter account. She calls him a cyber bully and wants to take him to court.

The Katie/Joey car fight is still ongoing. Katie finally calls the police so a report can be filed. Joey lays in bed while Katie and her mom deal with the cops. The cops says Joey is lucky he didn’t get a ticket for not reporting it. The two kind of make up when he apologizes but not really.

Matt has been helping out with Arabella so her mom agrees to baby sit so Alex and Matt can go out. They go bowling and have fun until he wants to get food from a restaurant in a part of town he used to buy drugs. He leaves her in the car to go get food but when he doesn’t come back with the right amount of change she grills him about money. She thinks he stole her money to feed his habit. Alex’s mother comes out as they are fighting in the car. Alex tells him if he screws up again she is not dealing with it.

Brittany watches Nova as Briana heads to court to take action against Devoin. She files an order of protection, which means he will face consequences if he bullies her again even in cyberspace.

Josh and Mackenzie spent the day together with his horses. She makes a comment about how different they are, he is laid back she is hyper. Mackenzie tells him she doesn’t feel like he doesn’t love her as much as when the baby was first born. He tells her he does and that he wouldn’t be with her if he didn’t love her. She recalls when they first met hot she thought he was. Josh just says they need to learn how to talk. They hug and say I love you then go riding.

Katie and Joey are getting along better since he apologized for the whole car thing. Joey asks Katie to go to dinner with him, without Molli. His mom will watch the baby. It will be the first time they went out since Molli was born.

Mackenzie is working hard to get back in shape for tumbling. Her mom watches the baby when she is at practice. Even though she has the baby she really wants to be on a competitive squad. She and her friend talk about how Josh had to put his dream on hold while she is still pursuing her dream. Mackenzie also thinks they need to move in together.

Briana’s court date against Devoin is coming up. She signs up for an infant CPR class so she can continue to prove to the judge she can do it on her own. After that Briana spends the day with her friend Jackie and fills her in on the Devoin situation. The court wants her to serve papers about her protection order. Jackie says it is not fair that Briana has to do it all by herself.

Matt has been out of rehab for a week and she is trying to trust him since their money fight. Alex gets a call from her online school that she is behind and needs to catch up to graduate. She tells both her mom and Matt what is going on. Her mom Wendy reminds her that school is priority and she needs to get the assignments done.

Josh has a new job prospect, which is exciting. The job turns out to be close to Mackenzie’s house so she uses that time to bring up the moving in. He says it doesn’t matter if they move in or not he just goes with the flow.

Alex does her best to catch p on school but Wendy and Matt are not helpful. Matt’s friend Rudy comes to get him to play basketball as Wendy is asking for Matt’s help. Rudy kind of razzes him about the short leash Alex has him on. Rudy tries to talk to Matt about Alex but he is not forthcoming. Matt only reveals he doesn’t think they will last.

Joey is going to propose to Katie on their special date. He tells Molli about his plan and it is really cute.

Devoin is hanging out with his pals one of them Pedro brings up Briana and the baby.. He tells him there has been no communication. Devoin reveals that the baby does not have his last name or have his name on the birth certificate. He says in perfect world they would be in a relationship now but it is all bad since she did watch she did.

Mackenzie talks to her mom about having Josh move in. Her mom does not want them living together if they are not married. Angie is willing to consider it if they have two separate rooms and she will talk to Mackenzie’s father about it.

Wendy, Alex’s mom, asks Alex about her school assignments, she only got one done. Matt is suppose to be watching the baby while Alex works but Alex thinks he looks impaired like her is on something. Wendy wants to give him a piss test and eye test both of which he agrees to. She doesn’t and tells Alex that she can’t control or fix Matt. Alex is worried that if he is using and he babysit the baby something bad could happen to Arabella.

Katie gets ready for her date night with Joey. Her friends helps her and they talk about what a great guy Joey is. Katie talks about what a bad relationship her parents had and how she does not want that for herself.

Josh and his friend talk about his possible welding job and moving in with Mackenzie. Josh wants to get on his own but moving to Mackenzie’s is not living on his own and reminds him of how different things would be if he lives with her.

Devoin texts Briana about how he and Briana need to work it out and be a family for Nova. She gets confused because she wants him to be in Nova’s life. Briana decides to drop the order of protection for the sake of her daughter.

Joey takes Molli to his mom’s house and reveals to them that he is going to ask Katie to marry her. His mom asks if he is sure and he says yes.

Josh gets the call that he didn’t get the welding job. He wants to know if she still wants him to move in with her but she has not heard from her parents yet. She thinks if he moves in they won’t fight as much. He tells her he will think about it.

Matt watches Arabella while Alex is working. She talks to her friend Savannah about Matt. Alex wants to move on but cares about Matt so much. Savannah reminds her to talk and not to go off on him. Alex admits that she can’t trust Matt and that it is a gut feeling.

When Alex gets home from work she learns Matt left with his friend Rudy. Her mom said it was ok but Alex is annoyed. Matt gets home saying that Rudy’s car broke down and he had to walk back. Alex starts to go off about how all his friends use and she can’t trust him. She wants him to be honest and Matt yells that he was honest. Alex says Matt needs to et his stuff together. Matt walks away but she follows him to talk. Alex tells him that it scares her that when he disappears something will happen to him. She doesn’t want their daughter to grow up without a dad. Matt just says ok.

Despite her earlier decision Briana still goes to go court because her mom wants her to let Devoin know he can’t treat her like that. Her mom reminds Briana that she needs to teach Devoin how to be a good parent to Nova. At the courthouse Briana dismisses the order of protection for Nova. Briana is going to have a sit down with Devoin and her mom tells her she doesn’t have to take the mental abuse from him. Briana breaks down crying because she just wants what is best for her daughter.

Mackenzie, Josh and her parents meet to talk about moving in. She tells her parents that she wants Josh there to help with Gannon so they can raise him together. Her parents ask Josh what he wants and he says he wants to be able to live by himself. Mackenzie is shocked to learn he wants to live by himself tells she gets out of high-school.

Joey takes Katie to a nice dinner. She is happy to be out of the house even though Joey has to go to work after but feels guilty about leaving Molli. When the dessert comes out a ring is in it. Joey gets down on one knee and asks Katie to marry him. She says yes and is beaming. Katie did not expect the proposal.

The show ends with a montage of all fours girl in their lives.