Teresa Giudice Exploits Daughter Gia Giudice on RHONJ – An 11-Year-Old Disrespectful Brat

Teresa Giudice Exploits Daughter Gia Giudice on RHONJ –  An 11-Year-Old Disrespectful Brat

Last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey I started to get the feeling that Teresa Giudice’s oldest daughter Gia Giudice was being used to help propel some story lines along a little too much. It’s one thing if a kid shows up in a scene being a kid, it’s a whole different ball of wax when they take over the storyline and totally add to the already unnecessary drama and that is exactly what Gia has done.


Two weeks into the new season Gia has already played a major role in how Teresa chose to deal with estranged sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. When Tre didn’t know what to text Gia grabbed her phone and fired off a nasty screed for her, leaving viewers appalled. Gia is only eleven and when not knee deep in the family drama she seems to be more of a friend to Teresa then her daughter!

I kind of suspected last season that Teresa might be the kind of parent that somewhere along the way becomes their child’s’ BFF rather than the person that helps to guide them onto a good path in life. After seeing the most recent episode I’m sure of it and aside from acting far more grown up than her 11 years, Gia is also a seriously disrespectful brat!

Have you caught a glimpse of Teresa and Gia together on camera? I think Teresa is really going to have her work cut out for her in the next few years because Gia is going to have every intention of doing whatever she pleases! Is it wrong of Bravo to knowingly exploit Gia? Clearly Teresa only cares about the fame and selling magazine covers but should the network have a conscience? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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24 responses to “Teresa Giudice Exploits Daughter Gia Giudice on RHONJ – An 11-Year-Old Disrespectful Brat”

  1. Miller Johnson says:

    This kid is ugly…..

    • twelfthnight says:

      I feel bad agreeing because she’s a kid, but her mother is honestly hideous from every angle I see her in. Her features are horrible, and she makes them worse with piles of makeup.

      Her daughters all have the same face as she does, and it’s unfortunate. The wide nose and large mouth and the very wide and squinted eyes all together on a face is overpowering and does not look good at all.

    • Thigh Gap says:

      Of course she is ugly. Look at her parents. One of them looks like a gorilla and the other one is Joe.

  2. meme says:

    and obnoxious.

  3. She doesn’t look like her mom though.

  4. DebBrenn says:

    You can’t blame Bravo – they aren’t parenting her. The Wakili’s have there older kids on camera , but the conversations with and in front of them are entirely different. Teresa doesn’t know how to parent, and her husband is even worse.

  5. Jeannette Moore Wall says:

    What show was this site watching? I never say the kid grab the phone nor was her message nasty. Come on guys, must be a slow news day. Jeez.

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  7. jody says:

    grow a brain – when the mother puts the brat on the show she becomes fair game – she becomes a celebrity – we didn’t seek Gia out – she came to use courtesy of her mother.

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  9. thebutcher says:

    That kid puts a new meaning to butt ugly

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  12. John T. Farrell says:

    Look at those lips. Is she getting collagen injections at 11?

  13. kylesbackfat says:

    I jumped when I saw this picture. This kid looks like she ran into a patio door and her face froze that way.

  14. kylesbackfat says:

    Even if we don’t say it the kid is still ugly.

  15. kylesbackfat says:

    I am awesome and these children look like inbred primates.

  16. MOTY says:

    People will soon tire of the fame whores that are this family! Every time I see lil Gia, it’s like I’m looking through a fisheye lens…v odd looking. but back on point, jail may re-root these fools into actual reality! ENOUGH OF THESE FOOLS!..BRING BACK DANIELLE!!

  17. MOTY says:

    PUHLEESE!! The point is that her MOTHER put the entire family out there to be complimented and/or ridiculed. You get what you $ign up for.

  18. chinacatsunflower says:

    You people are ridiculous and immature for talking negatively about this CHILD. You can say all you want about an adult but do not talk badly about a freaking child. What if people were making disgusting and rude comments about you. Yes you can make comments about her attitude but it is so disrespectful to say something about a childs looks.You all disgust me. This whole article digusts me. What has the world come to. This is one reason why the world is so messed up. People don’t know how to raise their childen with moral and values and it just creates a whole new generation of assholes that sit here and talk badly about a child.