The Bachelor Sean Lowe Can’t Wait to Get Married — Televised Wedding Scheduled for this Summer!

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Can't Wait to Get Married -- Televised Wedding Scheduled for this Summer!

The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe simply cannot wait to get married. He and his fiance, found on one of the most confusing, hard-to-understand-if-this-is-really-about-true-love reality competitions, are locked away in hiding right now and are itching to start planning the wedding. The mystery bride hates being holed up, away from the world, but understands that if she’s waited this long to be with her man in the public eye then she can wait just a bit longer. However, while they might not be able to plan for certain aspects of the wedding, they’ve already picked a date and location: This SUMMER, in YOUR living room!

That’s right, folks. Sean Lowe and his mystery honey aren’t planning on leaving the reality tv world for long, as they’re already in talks to televise the wedding on national television. *sigh*. We saw that one coming. Sean and his cheezeballz smile will be coming at us fast and hard this summer alongside his wife-to-be.

Sean exclusively tells Life and Style“My relationship developed on TV, so it almost would make sense to marry on TV.” And it would probably almost make sense for you to accept whatever sort of paycheck they’ll be sending your way, too, right? Heck ya!

The winning woman got engaged to Sean on November 17th in Thailand. An exclusive insider, a relative of the bride, says she’s been clamoring over wedding magazines and doing everything she can from her hideaway spot to conjure up the perfect wedding in her mind.

Sean claims he’s saving himself sexually until marriage, but he’d just like everyone to know that that’s not the reason for his hasty marriage. It’s all for love! So basically they’re just holed up in a secret camp, blocked off from the world, and all they can do is hug each other.

The magazine reports: “These two want to make it official pretty soon,” notes the insider. But saving himself until marriage isn’t the reason the couple want to marry fast. “They’re getting married quickly for love, not for the sex,” a friend explains. “He’s [Sean] head over heels for her, and he wants to share that with the world.”

Image credit to FameFlynet