The Fault In Our Stars “One Sick Love Story” Controversey – First Movie Poster

The Fault In Our Stars "One Sick Love Story" Controversey - First Movie Poster

The Fault In Our Stars hasn’t even delivered a full trailer before people started to complain  about the “direction” the movie was going. The story goes that most people refuse to look past the tagline for the movie poster -“One Sick Love Story“. Don’t know why because it is self explanatory. Haven’t read the book yet and I still managed to pick that up. It’s a piece of dark humor but some are claiming its too dark for an essentially YA adapted film. One question for those people though. Do you even know what the book is about?

According to HollywoodLife, The Fault In Our Stars is a beautiful story about a teen couple, Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort), who meet and fall in love in a child cancer support group.  Although two people that fall in love over the course of the book are a part of a cancer support group, their illness should never dominate anyone’s Twilight version of romance. If you won’t demand that of a person in real life then leave fictional characters alone. Let them be in love!

What makes the whole scenario worst is that people not only complained on fan sites but they took their anger out on the author as if its his fault the movie tagline didn’t appeal to them. John Green had to respond on his Tumblr page to get people to wisely back off. “I did not write the tag line,” John writes. “To the many of you who love it, I say, ‘I did not write the tag line.’ To the many of you who don’t, I say, ‘I did not write the tag line.’” Is there still any misplaced anger after this? If there is then may I remind you that Green sold his book rights to the movie and anything that happens with the movie is completely out of hands. So do stop bombarding him and please act with a little more maturity.