The Originals Explores The Vampire Diaries Villains we’ve come to Adore and Fear!

The Originals Explores The Vampire Diaries Villains we’ve come to Adore and Fear!

Aside from conjuring out-of-this-world plot twists and unexpected scenes that make us all scream “OMG!” throughout the house (which puts the tiny cute yorkie dog into a state of panic and trembles), The Vampire Diaries showrunners are masters at imbuing their supernatural characters with believable desires that speak to the human condition. This is true even for their villains, specifically Klaus and his Original family, whose mad quests for power, domination, and followers can all be traced back to one powerful emotion: love and, more specifically, the desire to locate that special connection  to complete the soul–or lack thereof. After all, vamp-lovers, we are dealing with the undead here.

Many people watch a show for its heroes, for the extravagant quests he or she’s able to overcome. I, however, watch a show for the villains. Why do they oppose? Why do they want what they want–and does some part of me want them to find success?

There have been multiple moments throughout the The Vampire Diaries franchise when I would’ve been perfectly happy seeing an Original succeed (even though my friends wanted to stake me for it). That’s why I keep coming back for more. At the end of the day, this show doesn’t always deal with “good” and “bad” or “right” and “wrong.” It deals with the individual, each one wanting different things–each desiring what they desire. It’s just the way things are, and we love it! Everyone’s trying to hold onto their humanity, trying to keep their own monstrous selves at bay, in a town that oftentimes seems to want the exact opposite.

I’m anticipating the arrival of The Originals, as I can’t wait to witness the next stages in the Mikaelsons’ journeys. In the pilot episode, we saw Klaus have a run-in with an attractive young psychology student (human as far as we know) and it was hard to disregard the blatant sparks flying between them. While this flirty situation hasn’t been the subject of much spoilage or speculation around the internet, perhaps this moment could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Perhaps he’ll finally dissolve his impassioned love for Caroline (who, as far as we know, hasn’t made the journey to New Orleans) and fall in love with a human. If so . . . how will this make Hayley—allegedly carrying Klaus’s unborn child—feel about everything?

The biggest OMG moment during this pilot episode had to be the revelation that Hayley’s carrying Klaus’s child. As we prepare for the upcoming season of The Originals, we’re curious to see how the potentiality of new life–in the form of Klaus’s child—will add depth and intrigue to Klaus’s character. How will this presence alter his motivations? Will it? Or will it just make his quest for power that much more adamant?

Tune in tonight at 9 PM on the CW to begin the epic journey into the city of New Orleans—where the vamps are going to have a throwdown.  Even better, it’s on right after the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.

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