The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 “After School Special” Recap 1/17/13

After School Special

Tonight on the CW after a one month hiatus THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns with its winter premiere.  Tonight’s episode is called “After School Special” and on tonight’s show Rebekah is back with a vengeance.  Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

To catch you up on the last show before the hiatus as a Winter Wonderland-themed party fills the streets of Mystic Falls, Stefan and Caroline found themselves at odds with Tyler over his plans for Klaus and his hybrids. When Caroline proposed a solution to their problem, Hayley found a dramatic way to make it clear that she was not on board. Later, Klaus made a discovery that led to chaos and violence. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon retreated to the Gilbert Lake House to help Jeremy conquer some dangerous inner demons with the help of Bonnie and Professor Shane, who revealed a piece of ancient history that left them all speechless.

On tonight’s show appearing unexpectedly at Mystic Falls High, Rebekah wastes no time trying to force Stefan, Elena and Caroline to answer her questions about the search for a cure, leading to a bombshell piece of information from Elena. When Bonnie’s father, Rudy Owens (guest star Rick Worthy, “Supernatural”), accepts the role of Interim Mayor, he makes it a priority to protect his daughter, who isn’t at all comfortable with the role he suddenly wants to play in her life.

Professor Shane continues to encourage Bonnie to believe in her powers, but he soon finds himself in danger when he reveals too much to the wrong person. Later, Caroline does her best to comfort Tyler after a violent confrontation. Meanwhile, at the lake house, Damon and Matt train Jeremy, trying to raise his game as a hunter, but Klaus is impatient with their progress and intervenes to speed up the process.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 episode 10 “After School Special” airs at 8PM tonight on the CW and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!


We open at Carol Lockwood’s memorial assembly at the high school – Tyler’s mom. Remember Klaus killed her on the last episode before the Christmas break? Tyler can’t take it and storms out of the memorial. Then Elena sees Rebekah peek her head around a corner. Elena goes to check it out and hears crying.

Instead of Rebekah she finds April crying by her lockers. She tells Elena she knows she’s a vamp. While Elena is blindsided by that, Rebekah blindsides her with a punch and takes her down. April wants to know if it was necessary and Rebekah says it was fun.

FYI, the interim Mayor will be Rudy Hopkins.

Caroline calls Stefan who’s having an alcohol induced pity party about Elena and Damon sleeping together. She tells him Tyler’s upset too and he gets priority. She tells Stefan to get his act together and rings off.

Elena wakes up in the library – April’s there. She tells her the school will be empty soon and asks Elena how many times she compelled her. Elena warns her that Rebekah’s not who she says she is and April says she’s a 1000 year old original. Okay – so April’s in the loop I guess.

Rebekah compels Elena to wait – says the rest of the class will be here soon.

At Jeremy’s hunter training by the lake, Damon listens to a message from Elena who says she knows she sent him away because of the sire bond and she wants to be near him. He hangs on. Matt is sparring with Jeremy and Jer slams him down. He’s proud of himself, but Damon said he’s moving in slow motion.

Jeremy tells him to teach him something. Damon tells Matt to hit the bench and he easily bests Jeremy.

The pizza girl arrives and Damon scares her a little, and then gives her a big wad of cash to not come back. Matt and Jeremy say he can’t starve them and he says he can. He sends them on a two lap run and Damon listens to the rest of Elena’s message.

Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him she’s got Elena hostage at the high school. He asks her who was dumb enough to un-dagger her. Stefan calls Caroline and wants to know if she’s feeling like putting the white oak stake into Rebekah’s heart.

Mayor Rudy and Sheriff Liz are chatting about cover-ups. She tells him she billed Carol’s murder as an accident but they’re still investigating. FYI, it’s Bonnie’s dad that’s the Mayor. Liz asks if he’s sure he wants the job and he says yes and his reason just walked in – and in comes Bonnie. Liz leaves, Bonnie sits and he tells her he knows about her gifts, but still needs to protect her.

At the library, Caroline is scouting the scene and texting Stefan. Someone is zipping past them at top speed that neither sees. Creepy… Then Rebekah appears in front of Stefan and he holds her by the throat. She tells him she hopes he’s not waiting on Caroline because she already took care of her. Rebekah’s got the white oak stakes. Whoops… She’s back because she wants the cure.

In the library, a compelled Elena, Caroline and Stefan are grilled. Rebekah wants to know about the hunters. They tell her about the hunter tattoos, map and the hunter sword. She says since they’re all vamps, she knows they didn’t find the cure. She wants to know why. Rebekah mocks Stefan and says he was going to take the cure and grow old and died with her. There are awkward looks all around and Rebekah demands a 411. Caroline tells her they broke up.

Rebekah asks what happened and compelled, Stefan tells her that Elena hooked up with Damon.

Back at hunter training, Damon has Jeremy assembling and breaking down a pistol. Jeremy says he doesn’t care about his hunter training, he just wants the cure for Elena. And then, like a bad penny, Klaus turns up. Klaus wants to know how many vampires Jeremy’s killed. Damon says he’s not ready.

Klaus gets nasty and asks how many vampires he’s killed since he started hunter 101. Damon admits it’s zero. Damon grabs the gun and tells Jeremy to watch and learn. He drills several slugs into Klaus’s chest which doesn’t kill him, but seems to cause him some pain. He tells him that was for Carol Lockwood.

Rebekah says the breakup explains Stefan’s alcohol stink but now how Elena could hurt him that way. Stefan tells her that Elena was sired to Damon. Rebekah asks what Elena thinks of that and then asks Elena why she did it. She tells the truth – she say she slept with Damon not because of the bond but because she’s in love with him. Stefan is not pleased.

Caroline brings it back around to the cure. Rebekah asks him how to find it. He tells her she needs to see the professor. Speaking of the prof, Bonnie’s with him and ranting about her dad. Professor Shane tells her she’s graduated witch 101 and gives her an amulet/necklace made of human bones… Nice. He says her gifts have grown fast and she has strength and her magic is right where it needs to be.

Bonnie thanks Shane and takes off. She runs right into a new guy who heads into Shane’s office – it’s Kol. She rushes back but is too late – Shane and Kol are both gone.

Tyler gets a call from “Caroline” and picks it up saying, I told you I didn’t want to talk. But it’s Rebekah. She tells him he shouldn’t let all that stress build up. She offers her condolences over her mother and says she knows what it’s like to have your life wrecked by Klaus. She tells him she’s got Caroline and he should come do a better job of saving her than he did his mother. Burn!

Then Kol pops by the library and delivers Professor Shane.

Back at hunter camp, Damon is carving stakes and Klaus comes to find him. He tells Damon to adjust the angle and he’ll get a better edge. Klaus says he’s perplexed about the lack of vampire killing by Jeremy. Damon tells him he needs more training before he can take on a nest. Klaus said they can turn the local town folk into vamps for the slaughter. He says Damon didn’t do it because he wanted to impress Elena…

Klaus says the good news is, he already took care of it. At the cabin, Matt answers the door and pizza girl is back. She tells him she ran out of gas and needs to use the phone. He tells her to come in and use theirs, but she can’t come in. But then Jeremy comes by and invites her in and in she comes.

At the school, Kol and Rebekah have cornered Shane who seems to think they’re like vampire rock stars. Rebekah tries to compel him and he says he learned how to resist in Tibet. She tells him that’s too bad, they’ll do it the old fashioned way and she instructs Kol to beat the answer out of him. Rebekah goes back to the others who she ordered glued to their seats.

She asks Elena, truth or dare. Elena picks dare. She dares her to tell Stefan the truth about Damon. She has to. Elena tells him Damon makes her happy and Rebekah tells her to take it deeper. She says it makes her feel unpredictable, wild and free. Rebekah asks how Stefan makes her feel and she says like a project that must be fixed and that he looks at her sadly, like a broken toy.

Rebekah asks if she stills loves Stefan and she says yes. She asks is she’s still “in love” with Stefan and she says no. Then she asks Stefan if it hurts, having someone you love drive a dagger through your heart. He tells her yes and she tells him she knows what it’s like for her the last 900 years.

Tyler arrives just as Rebekah’s getting bored. She compels him too. She tells them all they have to stay in the school but no running in the halls. She doesn’t want them racing her to the cure and now that she has Shane she doesn’t need them. She orders Tyler to shift. One bite from him and they’re dead. She knows this and orders him again to turn. Then she leaves the room.

Back at the cabin, pizza girl attacks Matt and Jeremy easily takes her out. Damon comes in as the hunter’s mark grow.

At the high school chem lab, Bonnie finds April in the lab. She tells her she knows she’s a witch. April tells her that Rebekah is compelling them all and Bonnie says Shane can’t be compelled – she says he’ll be tortured. They find some salt and Bonnie uses the necklace to cast a protective spell around Shane – who is currently being drowned by Kol.

She tells them they can have the cure – he says he just wants Silas. Kol wants to know what he knows about Silas. He doesn’t want him freed.

As Kol is drowning Shane, April starts choking and spewing water. Interesting spell. Rebekah tells Kol that Silas is a fairy tale to scare children. Kol says he’s very much real and he knows where he’s buried. Rebekah accuses him of getting the council blown up. He tells them once he raises Silas, he’ll bring back everyone who died on his behalf.

Kol stabs Shane, but it’s April that’s dying.

Tyler is fighting the turn. He’s smashing up the library and struggling to stay human. He’s losing – he tells them to run. Then suddenly he’s all wolfed up and the big bad wolf is coming after them. He easily smashes through the library’s locked doors and the hunt is on!

They block another pair of doors and tie them up with a fire hose, but he’s still getting through. Elena and Stefan work together to hold him at bay. Suddenly the banging stops. Hmm… Wonder where wolf boy went?

Kol tells Rebekah she should thank him. He tells her Silas alive would be hell on earth. He has the white oak stake and threatens her. They leave and Shane wakes up, surprised he’s alive. He’s still impaled, but pulls the pole out of him and realizes Bonnie saved him.

In the lab, Bonnie calls for help and Elena and Stefan came in. She tells them the protective spell for Shane linked April in somehow. They tell her to get out of the school and reveal they can’t go because they were compelled.

Elena picks now to have a heart to heart and Stefan wants to know how many ways she can rip his heart out. The door opens and Rebekah comes in. She asks them why her least favorite people are the most durable.

Caroline finds Tyler in the gym and he’s turned back. She covers him up and smooches on him as he says he’s so sorry. She tells him it’s not his fault. He says the whole thing is all his fault. He’s crying and says he should have saved her (his Mom I suppose).

Stefan tells Rebekah to leave Elena out of it and she asks him why he’s still defending  her when she’s scarred hi heart for good. Rebekah tells Elena she could compel Stefan to forget all the misery she’s caused him. Stefan tells her to do it. Elena says no. Stefan asks again. Rebekah laughs and said no – that’s far too easy. She said she won’t make him forget Elena the way Klaus made Stefan forget her.

She tells him that her eternity of pain is her revenge. She says she’s used him all up, so they’re free to go. Stefan walks out and Elena calls after him. He keeps on going. Elena gives up, hurt, and just watches him walk away.

At his office, Shane’s changing when Bonnie comes in. He tells her he miscalculated and Kol is a problem. She tells him that’s not the only miscalculation. She tells him she almost killed April and can’t be out using black magic. He tells her that “expression” isn’t light or dark, it’s unlimited magical power outside the watchful eye of the spirits.

At hunter camp, Damon’s burying pizza girl. It’s Elena and she tells him Stefan knows about them. He asks how he took it and says he’s happy for the first time to be at Camp Nowhere away from Stefan. She asks after Jeremy and she thanks him for looking out for him. He says he needs to go and she stops him – she tells him she realized something and that maybe it’s the sire bond or maybe not, but it’s real to her.

She tells him she loves him. She tells him again and he’s stunned. He tells her he’s going to get the cure for her and to do it, he’s going to have to do things she won’t like. He tells her to get in the car right now and come to him. She says she’ll be there soon.

At Stefan’s, Rebekah’s there at his invitations. She tells him she wants to force the cure on Klaus and then laugh in his face when he finds he’s mortal but she doesn’t know how to find it since Shane is dead. Stefan tells her he’s not because of Bonnie’s spell. She says he didn’t have to tell her that. She tells him that Shane has dark ulterior motives.

Rebekah tells him Shane blew up the council and wants to wake the evil dead and killed the dozen hybrids. She tells him Shane admitted it proudly to her. Stefan tells her they need to team up. They both hate their brothers and they’re the only ones without a team. He asks her to join him.

April tells the Sheriff and Mayor that Professor Shane brain washed her dad into blowing up the cabin with him and the eleven other council members in it. She says the town needs to start telling the truth.

At the town near hunter camp, they come into the local pool hall and find everyone slaughtered. Klaus is there and asks if he killed them all. He tells Jeremy that they’re in transition and it’s Jeremy’s job to kill them. Jeremy tells Damon he though he said he was going to talk Klaus into doing it another way. Damon tells him he thought about it and Klaus’s way is best.