The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4 REVIEW “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4 REVIEW “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode 4 “For Whom the Bell Tolls” opened Stefan and Damon are on the way somewhere. Stefan is reading his old journals hoping to trigger his memories. Stefan isn’t satisfied with his blood bag. Stefan tells Damon he still has no memory of who Damon is. Damon tells him that his memory was taken by a 2000 year old witch. Stefan tells Damon that he drives like a 2000 year old woman and he thinks he must have been the fun brother. Damon wanting to prove otherwise wrecks the car. Stefan stands corrected. Damon is the fun one.

Elena calls Caroline and they discuss if it was safe to let Stefan and Damon go off together. Caroline tells Elena she has been looking into amnesia so that she can help Stefan and as a bonus get her seat back in Dr. Maxfield’s class. Caroline also tells Elena that she has invited Jesse to the towns bell ringing celebration that night.

Stefan and Damon are sitting in a bar. Stefan is intrigued by thee bell ringing going on. Damon explains its a old tradition that symbolizes a time when people put a bell on someone’s toe so that If they weren’t dead dead they good move their toe and ring the bell which would notify the other people. (Charming isn’t it.) Elena shows up but since Damon hasn’t gotten Stefan that far up,to,speed he isn’t aware of who she is

Bonnie is watching Jeremy work out. Bonnie is extremely upset that she can’t do anything to help Stefan regain his memory. Jeremy tells her that it’s time their friends found out she was dead.

Matt calls Jeremy and ask him to come over. Matt is cob
Reed in blood and has a decorated knife in his hand. Matt tells Jeremy that he is still upset by Silas saying that someone was in his head the night he snapped his neck and tried to kill him. Jeremy tells him it was probably nothing and it probably is linked to the Gilbert ring somehow. Matt wants Bonnie’s help. Jeremy makes up a excuse about her being out of town and in D.C.. Matt has cameras installed all,over his house. Matt says they are going to help him figure out why he continues to loose track of time.

While Damon and Elena have been talk Stefan wandered off into the back of the bar to find the waitress he has been eyeing. Stefan glamours her in order to feed on her. Damon stops him right before he takes a big bite out of her neck.

Damon and Stefan are taking a stroll through a cemetery. Damon tells him about all the relatives they have killed. Jeremy sent Damon a text that he needs to call him. Damon leaves Stefan with Elena. Stefan and her discuss all the people dead in both of their families and then Stefan ask how he met her. Elena decides to take him to where they first met.

Damon calls Jeremy. Jeremy tells Damon he needs to tell,him something about Bonnie and that he wants to meet with him alone.

Elena is at the school with Stefan she reenact the moment they ran into each other. Stefan tells her that his memory isn’t going to just come back magically(why not? It was taken magically.) Some guy comes in with a bloody hand. To avoid a altercation with the guy and Stefan Elena drags him out the door. Elena leaps to the top of the building and tells Stefan to do the same thing. When Stefan gets up there Elena tells him about he leaped to the top of a Ferris wheel with her one time. Stefan ask if it was back when they were dating. Elena ask him if Damon told him. Stephan says no and that he isn’t a idiot. Stefan wants to know if him being a violent killer is why they broke up. Elena tells him no that they broke up when she became a vampire because she changed so much. Stefan ask,how she came to be a vampire. Elena tells him she will show him and jumps of the school roof.

Caroline and Jesse are studying in the graveyard. Jesse thinks stay she has a really good chance of getting back in Maxfield’s class. Jesse then kisses Caroline.

Damon is at Jeremy’s. Damon knows what he is going to say and ask him no to. Bonnie also is telling Jeremy to keep quiet. Jeremy comes out with and tells Damon that Bonnie is dead. Damon tells him that it will balance out. Jeremy reminds Damon that he is back from the dead. Damon understands. Damon tells Jeremy this is going to be hard for Elena. Before he leaves he does a very sweet thing he reaches out and hugs Jeremy.

Elena is on the bridge with Stefan. Stefan ask her why he didn’t save her life. Elena tells him it’s because she asked him to save Matt’s life instead. Stefan seems to be remembering some things. Elena tells Stefan she was nor ever will be afraid of him. Stefan leans in for a kiss but Elena stops him and tells him she is with Damon. Stefan thinks that is something he should have been told instead of them keeping it from him. Elena tells him that they weren’t. Elena turns away. Stefan takes off.

Matt plays the footage on the camera he had pointing at the couch he was sleeping on. Matt sees himself answer the phone and then start speaking in a different language. He watches himself grab the knife and then walk towards the camera. Next he sees himself deliver a message from the passenger. The passenger explains that he is to guard the knife with his life and if he doesn’t the passenger will slice his throat. The passenger then cuts his hand with the knife.

Damon calls Elena and tells her he needs to tell,her something. Elena tells him she needs to tell,him something as well. Elena tells Damon that when Stefan found out about them he got upset and took off. She is concerned because the graveyard is full of people and Stefan is very hungry.

Caroline comes across Stefan. Stefan says he knows she is his best friend. Caroline ask if he remembers that. Stefan tells her no but that he has been studying pictures. Jesse walks in with a paper cut and Stefan warns him that he wants to rip his arm off. Caroline goes to Jesse quickly and tells him to run and hide and that she will find him. Caroline offers to get Stefan some blood bags. Stefan disappears before she can get them. Jesse calls her and tells her he is in the crypt and he has no idea one. Stefan is behind him. Stefan plunges his teeth into Jesse’s neck.

Stefan lets go of Jesse and says that it wasn’t to bad especially since he let go. Jesse ask him who he is. Stefan tells him he is the ripper. Stefan then goes on to say how he is supposed to be a good guy but that never has gotten him far and that his brother stole his girlfriend from him and he sees no point in being good anymore. Stefan then shows his blood covered fangs and goes after Jesse again.

Jeremy knocks on Matt’s door. When Matt answers Jeremy tells him that Bonnie is dead.

Caroline finally makes to to the crypt. She snatches Stefan off of Jesse and tells him this isn’t him. Stefan snaps out of it and when he realizes what he did he takes off. Meanwhile Jesse is laying in a rather large pool of blood. Caroline feed him some of her blood so that he won’t die.

Stefan is burning his journals. Damon and Elena show up (bit late there). Damon ask him if he is sure he wants to burn all his memories. Stefan is more than sure. Stefan is also sure he doesn’t want to live in that house or be there for Elena anymore. Stefan tells that he can trust Caroline to help and he leaves.

Elena thinks that Bonnie can help. Damon tells her that’s not gonna happen because Bonnie is dead. Elena is stunned.

Caroline and Stefan are sitting together. Caroline tells him about Bonnie. Stefan wishes he could remember who she is. Caroline tells,him how she wishes she could switch places with him and not have her memories anymore so that she wouldn’t hurt. Stefan tells Caroline that he is there for her just like she has been there for him. Stefan holds her hand.

Elena is looking through her clothes for something to wear. Damon reminds her that all her funeral clothes burned with her house. Elena cries. Damon holds her and tells her he is sorry. Bonnie is watching through the window.

They all gather in the woods to tell Bonnie bye. They all bring a gift. Damon brings Grimoire, Elena has white feathers, Matt leaves his whistle. They also put down a photo, a bell, and flowers. Caroline and Elena cry. Jeremy walks over and picks up the bell and rings it. Bonnie tells Jeremy to tell all of them that she is still with them. Jeremy does so and then goes on to tell them everything else Bonnie has to say. Tyler shows up (bummer I like the Jesse better.) Caroline runs to him and he puts a white rose down. Jeremy holds Bonnie’s hand. Caroline is hugging Tyler. Damon is holding Elena.

Dr. Maxfield is taking care of Jesse. He tells Jesse that he has vampire blood in him. Maxfield tells Jesse that is step one in creating a vampire. Before Jesse can ask what step two is Maxfield shows him by giving him a shot. Jesse dies.

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