Soap Opera Fans Rally with GLOBE to Save The Young And The Restless From Jill Farren Phelps’ Toxic Touch

Soap Opera Fans Rally with GLOBE to Save The Young And The Restless From Jill Farren Phelps' Toxic Touch

Every industry seems to encounter people along the way that are simply bad for business and in the world of soaps it’s Jill Farren Phelps that seems to have the most toxic touch. Fans of The Young And The Restless are so worried about their beloved show that they’ve even launched an online petition in an attempt to get rid of Jill who is the shows executive producer.

According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of GLOBE Magazine Jill has overseen four separate soaps – Another World, Santa Barbara, Guiding Light and One Life to Live and each have them has been axed under her tutelage. Obviously diehard fans of Y&R have good reason to worry, especially as they’ve watched Jill incorporate the same kinds of changes to their show that has failed at all of the others. Jill makes the mistake of messing with core characters and firing veteran actors. Of course that causes a revolt amongst the fans that are invested in these favorites.

Soap Fans Rally to Save The Young And The Restless From Jill Farren Phelps' Toxic Touch

Needless to say, with Jill’s methods having failed 4 out of 4 times = 100% failure rate, the most loyal fans are hoping that if they get enough signatures then the powers-that-be will pay attention and dismiss Jill before another show bites the dust. GLOBE is actively rallying with fans to try to save Y&R before it’s too late. In the last two years both All My Children and One Life to Live have been canceled by ABC and were then revived on the internet by Online Network. Fans of those shows will tell you how hard it is to bring back a soap once it has been canned so Y&R fans really do need to act now before they are waging a complete uphill battle.

Should Jill be relieved of her duties or do you think that it’s just a coincidence that all of her previous projects have ultimately failed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

21 responses to “Soap Opera Fans Rally with GLOBE to Save The Young And The Restless From Jill Farren Phelps’ Toxic Touch”

  1. SCH says:

    Yes, she needs to go. The sooner the better!!

  2. Janetsshy says:

    Fire JFP and keep the actors they make the show not her. Fifty percent of the Y&R is based on Billy and Adam and their family’s You will destroy this show. I love this show yet do not want to watch it without the actors. The viewers of Y&R should have a voice as we are the ones who watch the show which helps you all get paid. Now please fire Jill Farren Phelps and keep Billy and Adam.

    • lauraj says:

      Most definitely. Get rid of this Phelps person why is she still there doing her damage still? Don’t we the public have any say in this???where would your all be if we the fans stop watching??read these comments!!*!!

  3. Atl Home Grown Ruth says:

    In my opinion it seems to me that whom ever is doing this to the characters is trying to make the fans hate them with the story lines they portray and then the doing is off her hands when she gets rid of them. If what I’m reading is true about this, then she should be fired and they should rehire some old story writers. Adam and Billy are a huge part of the many reasons why I watch the show. Not to mention I hate that Michelle Stafford has left the show too.UGH????????

  4. Lisa says:

    Get rid of that bitch Jill, she’s killing this show. I mainly watch because of Adam and I love Billy too.. Might have to dump show like a bad habit.

  5. Ms.J says:

    Thought i had a few more good years of Y/R
    but im affraid not listen to u the fans GET RID OF JFP NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sarah says:

    This lady needs to be fired she is really a sick individual this may be a shoe but it is some folks like Michaels livelihood she is heartless and is actually taking away jobs from people before long it will be the entire cast .STOP HER!!!!! SHE IS 1 THEY ARE MANY WE ARE ALOT LISTEN TO US NOT HER.

  7. Gail says:

    Please fire her before the show is cancelled!!!

  8. rhonda says:

    I want to know why she was hired in the 1st place??? Was Jill Abbott fired too??? Does anyone else see Victor leaving??? Why not get rid of Sharon and Faith, Avery and Dillon, Christine??? I could live without them!!! Get some street people to make the show more realistic.
    I would go along with not watching but then ratings will be worse and Jill will be on her 5th cancillation working on her 6th. Flood CBS with reality, I’d still like to know how she got her job. Most people have to have a GOOD proven track record or are the others tired of making the fans happy?

  9. Kat says:

    What a mess! I fast forward pretty much every story line except for Billy- now- no point in watching! Total snoozefest

  10. Martha says:

    Time to go Phelps! Please don’t ruin my soap! A soap I have watched from the beginning. I love Muhney and Miller and the connection they have with other cast member:).

  11. Susan Hawkins says:

    I truly believe J is purposely trying to bring down Y & R; she probably wants her job back at GH. It’s either for $$$$ or power or both. She certainly does Not have any talent in her field, or these soaps would Not be getting canceled. Maybe the ridiculous ‘reality’ shows are paying her off!!!!!

  12. Kareliz says:

    Why would she mess with a great soap,..number one daytime show and she fires 2 of the most talented and main characters on the show?! Bad call,…she needs a bit of ‘drama’ in her own life,…a dose of her own medicine.

  13. Helen webb says:

    I think Jill should be fired before she does any more damage. The change of cast and lousy story lines are really getting d fast. Adam and billy were the best actors and had theist interesting story lines and now I can hardly stand watching it. Get rid of the real problem the person who is causing the loss of fans .ive been watching without missing a episode since 1983 now I don’t care if I miss a week. Fire her not the actors

  14. lauraj says:

    Who is Phelps’s boss, they need to do something before this soap is gone due to once faithful viewers lost all interest because no one listened to them when we tried to get results, wake up !!!!!!!

  15. Chanel Notes says:

    The show is dull and boring now, they have the stupidest plots with such bad holes in them and the men are now whiners and the women boring. The actors that have been brought on are like watered down bread. Gone are the happy days of this show… no good twists and turns, but a lot of boring dialogue. Why the heck would you bring a loser to a winning show, anyway?

  16. CML says:

    Why would the network dare hire an idiot like this woman? She is driving the show into the ground. These character/actor changes are RIDICULOUS! The current Billy decision is for CRAP! He cannot act and should not be on there. Makes me root for Stitch to be Victoria’s new man and the father of her baby! While I love Stitch, I would not be rooting for him and Victoria if we still had Billy Miller. I cannot stand Phyllis as a character (because she is just someone that you love to hate) but where could the actor be?? Is she on some kind of extremely extended vacation or is this dipstick looking for a replacement actor? I don’t like the replacement Kelly, she is an idiot and cannot act at all. I am NOT a Hunter King fan, she needs to go but it sounds like Phelps needs whiny wimpy females and that’s why Hunter King is staying. And the one that REALLY ticks me off is the firing of Michael Muhney. What the He**? What kind of crap is this woman going to get by with next? Really folks she’s running your show into the ground!!!! You should have seen that already, BUT, more importantly you should have know that by her resume!! She is completely stupid….don’t you guys be stupid too! Let’s rescue our show while you still have one to rescue PLEASE!!

  17. Rae Geske says:

    PLEASE…..SPONSORS…..FIRE THIS WOMAN!!!!! Seriously she has fired some of the best actors that we all love. Billy Miller and Michael Muhney were the BEST at what they do….they made us love them. Since then she has continued to fire more and more. How long are you, the SPONSORS going to sit back and let her ruin this program?????? You are losing fans by the truckload….you know that is true….get rid of JFP!!!!!!!!!! NOW before it’s too late and everything the Bell’s have built will be totally destroyed!!!!

  18. Gina says:

    She needs to go now! I’ve been watching this show since I was a child and she has destroyed the BEST Daytime Soap! She is TOXIC TOXIC TOXIC to the industry! PLEASE FIRE HER NOW!!! Bring back Michael Muhney, Billy Miller and Michele Stafford before it’s too late!!

  19. Eva David says:

    Well said!