Thomas Dale of Chelsea Lately – Live In Atlanta Gives Intimate Performance

Thomas Dale of Chelsea Lately - Live In Atlanta Gives Intimate Performance

On September 26 Atlanta Improv Comedy Club hosted stand up comedian Thomas Dale. It was Thomas’ very first appearance in Atlanta. The small club was a great venue for his show. Thomas gave an intimate performance, interacting personally with the audience.

Thomas started the show expressing his exasperation for driving in Atlanta. His GPS had him driving in circles trying to locate his hotel in the Buckhead neighborhood. The audience roared with laughter at Thomas’ observations and good natured teasing.

Thomas is an out and proud gay man. He talked openly and honestly about being a gay man. Thomas especially loves straight men! He flirted with the straight men in the audience, complimenting them on their clothing and their cute faces. He was particularly fond of a gentleman in the front row. Thomas thinks straight guys are so cute with their love of sports, although he himself is not athletic. Thomas described talking to his father, and ex-cop, about coming out of the closet. He loves women, but not their vaginas! Thomas is scared of lady parts, saying you don’t really know what you are getting with them. At least with a penis you know what to expect!

Thomas grew up in a big Italian family in Long Island, New York, but talks about his love for his new home Los Angeles. He now eats kale and enjoys hiking. Thomas says when he goes home for a visit he gets ribbed by family and friends. He endures teasing only a New Yorker can dish out. Thomas hits back with jabs of his own, but lets the recipient know he is still the same guy they know and love.

In addition to being a stand up comedian Thomas is a writer and round table regular on the E! talk show Chelsea Lately. The show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm.

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