Tiger Woods Begs Elin Nordegren to Have Another Child and Marry Him

Tiger Woods Begs Elin Nordegren to Have Another Child and Marry Him

All it takes is one little photograph of a former couple to land on the internet and all hell breaks loose. I’m talking about Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren. The two were caught together Feb. 23 at their daughter Sam’s game and it was the first time in years that the former couple had been photographed in the same place at the same time. Supposedly they are in the middle of a trial second marriage and Elin and the kids have spent several night’s at Tiger’s Jupiter, Florida mansion.

The couple was married for 6 years when, back in 2009 Elin caught Tiger having an affair with Rachel Uchitel. Almost immediately his closet filled with whores swung open and it was pretty apparent that Tiger was never a loyal husband.  After a 110 million dollar divorce settlement it seems Tiger has never let go of hope that he’ll reconcile with Elin. According to the March 18th print edition of GLOBE, the golfer thinks that if he gets Elin pregnant then she’ll also agree to take another walk down the aisle with him. Not only does he want his family back, but he wants to add to it. Meanwhile Elin supposedly still loves Tiger but isn’t sure whether or not to trust him. She supposedly considering a full reconciliation if there is a $350 million dollar no-cheat clause written into their prenup.

All of this is insane to me. Why on earth would Elin even consider trusting an admitted sex addict that was never loyal in the first place? The kids, of course want mommy and daddy together so I’m sure that is pulling on her but still- what is she thinking. This guy is incapable of being faithful and even if he was, the minute he says something that sounds questionable all hell would surely break loose.

Will Tiger and Elin get back together? Should they? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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14 responses to “Tiger Woods Begs Elin Nordegren to Have Another Child and Marry Him”

  1. carmenlight says:

    I have been giving some thought to this matter and have
    a little theory that want to share with you. I think that this whole thing is part of a plan to make Tiger looks more favorable with the public and possibly gain him some sponsors and more revenues! I read the appearance fees some countries were paying Tiger have been decreasing since his appeal abroad has gone down hill since his cheating scandal!!!Tiger’s people know that the public has a soft spot for Elin and the children, now they are using Elin and the children so that people think that Elin and Tiger are getting along well, post divorce and Tiger is performing his parental duties like the most dedicated parent. The whole thing is a big charade! Tiger has not changed! He only cares about himself and his pleasure! He is still an arrogant and self centered individual! We all know that Tiger is an absentee/part- time father! Elin is the day to day parent nurturing the kids! Obviously, Elin seems to be Tiger first choice for re-marrying! Elin is facing a monumental decision! Regarding the skier, maybe she is Tiger’s back up plan in case that Elin decides not to re-marry him!!! Sooner or later we will know in what direction the wind blows!

    • Christian Cutler says:

      You’re retarded. Tiger has enough money he doesn’t need what you’re talkin about. He needs love more than you and I cuz he has everything else. He had a mom and dad growing up and he wants the same for his kids. Grow up and quit thinking that celebrities and the rich aren’t human

      • carmenlight says:

        I have as much right as anyone to express my opinion!!! By the way, your name is very innapropriate as you seems to be very Un-Christian!!!

  2. tym2go says:

    She is a fool if she takes him back. She doesn’t need him that’s for sure.

    • Christian Cutler says:

      Bull shit bitch!! He obviously loves her and realizes what a mistake he made. He could have anyone but continues to pursue her cuz of love .Im a guy so I know, you’re a bitch so you don’t! If a guy is truly sorry and knows he won’t mess up this time, he deserves a chance. Jesus forgives you so you don’t have to go to hell! We’re supposed to forgive others

      • Jim Smith says:

        Christian (God knows what you were named after) you’re the bitchass if you think that Tiger was in the wrong. It wasn’t just one girl dumbass. Elin would absolutely be a fool to take him back.

  3. MLH says:

    Tiger messed up big time. Very hard to TRUST. With a $350 Million bounty over him he better not even think of it. I Love Ellen and Tiger. I would Love to see them TRY it again. Looks like Tiger is getting his mojo back since there is the chance of reuniting. I truly feel Tiger Loves Ellen and his past golf history is a good sign of deep depression GO Tiger and Ellen!!!!!!!!!

  4. barry says:

    and women wonder why men don’t respect or take women seriously… rihanna in display a, elin in display b

  5. Sibo says:

    What a load of bull . Why would Tiger want a violent woman who almost killed him? It boggles the mind why Elin is not in prison. She did domestic violence but nothing was done to her. Imagine if it was Tiger who had done same thing to her with an 8 iron. He would have been given 8 years behind bars, 5 years of probation after that and possibly supervised parental visits with some mental evaluation. Society is glorifying this woman who must be condemned in strongest terms. After that she ran for his cheque book and demanded $100 mill divorce payout. Tiger will be stupid to have such a woman back in his life. His golfing career is back to where it belongs and he should concentrate on seeing his kids, not Elin. Let her explore the world of other men and leave Tiger alone. She has no love for him, thats why he cheated as an escape route.

    • Jim Smith says:

      She deserved every penny of that money and more. Tiger is another celebrity with “God” complex. He is a complete loser trying to live a secret thug/player lifestyle.

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  9. Jim Smith says:

    Elin should stay away from him. He is a punk!