Tiger Woods Will Cheat With Elin Nordegren While on Vacation in Sweden – Lindsey Vonn’s Fears Revealed

Tiger Woods Will Cheat With Elin Nordegren on Vacation in Sweden - Lindsey Vonn's Fears Revealed

Do you get the feeling that Tiger Wood’s is one of those guys whose personal life will always be a disaster? I do and it all comes down to trust- or lack of it. Three years after his revolving door of mistresses was discovered Tiger and ex, Elin Nordegren are trying to find their way through parenting together. Elin took their two children to Sweden for summer vacation and Tiger had planned on flying over to surprise the kids. Elin was totally okay with the idea but of course Tiger’s current squeeze, Lindsey Vonn is not.

According to the Aug. 5th print edition of National Enquirer Lindsey freaked out at the idea of Tiger spending time alone with his entire family together and tried to insist that she head to Sweden along with him. Elin said no way to that idea. She knows that Tiger has the right to move on but she’s certainly not welcoming Lindsey on her vacation in her home country.

Tiger now finds himself stuck in between two women and let’s face it, if he was at all trustworthy then there would be no issue. Lindsey fears that if Elin gives him even the slightest chance then Tiger will go back to her in a heartbeat. She is totally insecure around Elin and tries to control Tiger’s movements when it comes to his ex wife. I guess Lindsey has yet to learn that controlling your man never works. If she can’t trust Tiger because of his illustrious track record then it’s probably time for her to move on, don’t you think? Would Elin ever really consider taking Tiger back? If anyone understands how well he lies and deceives it’s her, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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