Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson Celebrate The 100th Episode Of Psych – CDL Exclusive

Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson Celebrate The 100th Episode Of Psych - CDL Exclusive 0320

In celebration of Psych’s 100th episode, stars Timothy Omundson and Maggie Lawson, who play detectives Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O’Hara, sat down with Celeb Dirty Laundry to discuss working on the fan favorite and the special episode planned to mark the major occasion. Hyped as an homage to the 1985 cult classic, Clue, the landmark 100th episode, “100 Clues” is allowing the viewers to determine the show’s ending that we can all watch play out on Wednesday, May 27.

“It’s going to be fantastic. It’s going to be silly. It’s going to be like non-stop,” Lawson said. “And there’s some crazy things we’re doing.”

“You’re also going to see a cornucopia of some of the greatest guest stars or certainly the greatest group of guest stars ever put together for our show in one thing,” Omundson added.

Check out more highlights from Omundson and Lawson’s interview below:

On the upcoming two-part musical episode: (Lawson) “Over the years it’s something we’ve always sort of talked about because we’ve – we all enjoy as you all know with the psycho outs and whatnot singing and Steve Franks wrote and directed this unbelievable thing that we all got to be a part of which is so cool. I mean he wrote the music. It’s all original. It’s just it’s crazy. And it was a bit terrifying at first. And then it ended up being I think one of the most like incredible and fun episodes we’ve done.”

On the evolving relationship between Lassiter and Juliet : (Omundson) “If you look at the Lassiter/O’Hara relationship it really – like we’ve had some amazing moments on this show but it’s really – there’s so many opportunities this season where you get to see the other side. I mean the first three episodes just O’Hara kicking ass to the nth degree and saving her partner – and so on but then also as we’ll see later in the season she has his back emotionally. There’s some lovely, you know, that where she really steps up to the plate as a friend which I think everyone will be blown away.”

On playing Lassiter after 100 episodes: (Omundson) “In many ways he’s the same guy. It’s just we have now gotten to see because these writers have given us the opportunity to – and I’ve gotten to play – the other facets of I mean Scratch, he’s still that same, you know, by the book lovable (dick) that he was in the pilot. But of course like any human being he’s evolved and he has relationships that change him. And they’ve all changed him for the better. I’ve never really thought about this but Shawn maybe has changed him for the better. So I love where he’s gone. I love where we have been able to take him and it’s just the – it’s the greatest role I’ve ever gotten to play. And I don’t know when something like this is going to come around the bend again so I’m trying to just suck every ounce of juice out of it that I can.”

On the cast after 100 episodes: (Lawson) “I mean it’s just something you dream about but you don’t actually like believe or know that it’s going to happen. And I think yes it’s just – it’s the whole experience has just been magical. And I think that we’re just all so grateful. And I feel like everybody writers, you know, the producers and us cast like we’ve just really – we’ve really grown and had this like wonderful experience together. And I feel like that’s come across in a lot of ways on screen as well. And I – it’s, you know, the fans have just been so good to us and so dedicated and they’ve had so much to do with it as well.”

On what’s been the most surprising aspect so far: (Omundson) “I think for me just the fact that there’s been a journey. Because so often in television I (say) so often in television you play the same beats, the same thing episode after episode after episode. And there’s such resistance to any kind of change, certainly on a procedural which, you know, technically we are. So I just feel so blessed that we’ve gotten to show colors, we’ve gotten to play these different things personally.”

Will you tune in next week for the 100th episode? Psych airs Wednesdays at 10 EST on USA. Cast your vote here for your perfect ending!

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