Olga Kurylenko: Tom Cruise’s Next Scientology Bride? (PHOTOS)

Olga Kurylenko: Tom Cruise’s Next Scientology Bride?

Tom Cruise is currently promoting his next big blockbuster ‘Oblivion’, and his co-star in the film is Olga Kurylenko, former Bond girl and soon to be Tommy’s next Scientology bride. At least, if Tommy and his minions have their way.

According to a new report from OK! Magazine, sparks have been flying between Olga and Tom, so much so that Tom is considering making her his next robot bride. Ok, that part wasn’t actually in the report, but you can bet that it’s true.

OK! reports that insiders at the Moscow premiere of the film saw Olga and Tom being giggly and flirty, and claim, “Watching them on the red carpet, it’s clear she really suits him. Tom and Olga got on like old friends from day one.” This source also added, “There’s genuine chemistry there. Tom’s ready to date and she’s his ideal woman.” Tom is apparently trying to take it slow because of Olga’s purported relationship with Danny Huston, with the source adding, “Tom’s trying to be respectful, but there’s enormous speculation from the Oblivion promo tour that something’s up.”

So there’s two sides to this story. On the most obvious, non gossipy version, Olga has indeed been dating Danny Huston for more than two years, although they have their ups and down like any other couple. And of course, everyone know what’s up with our dear Tommy after he get left by Katie Holmes last year – you know, when she pulled a fast one over him and got the heck out there using burner phones and secret underground escape routes [ok, so we’re exaggerating a little]? So now, of course Tommy’s looking for his next Robo bride. Scientology’s Golden boy can’t be without a bride – no, it simply won’t do, especially with several big budget movies coming out in the next few years. For Oblivion, he got lucky that Olga was scheduled to do press with him – but is there any truth to the flirting rumors?

Here’s how I look at it – Tom’s under pressure to find a new bride, and one that’ll be easily integrated into the Scientology world. Olga seems like a good fit, and there’s no questioning that she fits the beauty ideals. However, she does seem to be an independent woman with her own mind and her own life, and she has a boyfriend. So this ‘flirting’ that the insider supposedly saw is probably dear Tommy trying his hardest to seem heterosexual, with Olga trying her best not to freak out at his crazy eyes. Any bets on whether Tom decides to try to move on to his other Oblivion co-star, Andrea Riseborough once it becomes clear that Olga’s not interested? Tom’s team have already tried to make this happen with Julianne Hough, so it’s only a matter of time before they find their next target.

Los Angeles premiere of ‘Oblivion’ at Dolby Theatre on April 10, 2013 in Hollywood, California.

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