Tom Cruise Going Bald – Losing His Hair In Midlife Crisis

Tom Cruise Going Bald – Losing His Hair In Midlife Crisis

The past year has been super stressful, even for a guy with $300 million in the bank. Tom Cruise was abruptly dumped by wife Katie Holmes last summer. Since then, he’s been abroad, neglecting his young daughter Suri Cruise. His movies are bombing in the box office; his reputation is going down the drain; he’s set to loose his place on the Hollywood A-list. So we aren’t totally surprised to see photos of Tom sporting a bald patch on the back of his head in the February 18, 3013 edition of National Enquirer!

The action hero hunk is known for his luscious locks of chestnut hair, which is always so thick and full of run-your-fingers-through-it potential. But Tom’s compounding midlife crisis is costing him more than he’s willing to pay! He’s currently filming a new thriller, All You Need Is Kill, and unless they’ve added a 2-inch circumference bald spot for his character, we think he’s genuinely going bald!  We’ve reported that it isn’t just divorce and work stress that has him falling to pieces—he’s hit 50 years old, and fears the health problems that killed his dad will get him too. The guy is working overtime to reestablish himself as King of Tinsel Town, and he isn’t doing very well.

With or without his hair, we can say with certainty that Tom Cruise isn’t what he used to be. The former heartthrob has turned into the face of uber sketch Scientology, and most women don’t like to fantasize about a relationship with a man who insists upon screenings and lie-detector tests before the first date! He’s adapted to the change, and has started dating non-A-list peasants. Has depressed Tom seen the writing on the wall, or will he continue to fill movie theatres with his predictable acting and lackluster hair? Would you be sorry to see him disappear from action movies, or do you agree and think that he jumped the shark a long time ago?

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