Tom Cruise and Isabella Cruise Battle As Her Fiance Eddie Frencher Quits Scientology Cult

Tom Cruise and Isabella Cruise Battle As Her Fiance Eddie Frencher Quits Scientology Cult

When Katie Holmes decided to pull the plug on her marriage with control freak, Tom Cruise he praised two people for helping him get through one of the roughest times in his life, his kids Connor Cruise, 18, and Isabella Cruise, 20. Both have stayed loyal to their father, even going so far as to shun their adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman, when she and Tom split back in 2001.


Isabella had been very loyal to Scientology and has been dating Eddie Frencher for years with the full expectation of marriage eventually. Eddie was until recently a member of Sea Org, part of Scientology’s Clerical Order. He left the organization with minimal notice and on the outside looking in, Sea Org is the ultimate freedom killing, life commitment to the cult. Eddie must have experienced some pretty horrific stuff to decide to abruptly leave and that decision is likely causing conflict and crisis for Isabella.

Tom Cruise and Isabella Cruise Battle As Her Fiance Eddie Frencher Quits Scientology Cult

Leaving Scientology usually means that other loyalists will choose to shun you and so Isabella is likely caught between the two men that she loves most. According to the April 22nd print edition of In Touch, she is already showing signs of separating herself from Tom’s church of choice and it’s not sitting well with him. He has raised Isabella to understand that she’s expected to be a stellar example in the church so to see her falter will certainly lead to the actor being pressured to take some sort of action.

Will Tom decide to shun Isabella as he did her mother years ago? Will there be more permanent dissension in the Cruise family? Will Isabella ultimately choose Eddie over her father? Would it surprise you if Scientology took another relationship from Tom? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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19 responses to “Tom Cruise and Isabella Cruise Battle As Her Fiance Eddie Frencher Quits Scientology Cult”

  1. pedophiles says:

    Another idiotic mag that’s going to get SUED. Mention his kids and lies = $50,000,000,000 to charity. SEE YOU IN COURT!

  2. pedophiles says:

    I guess people still don’t get it, mention his KIDS + LIES = $50,000,000

  3. pedophiles says:

    I can hear the lawyers counting their money. LOL!

    • BuryTheNuts2 says:

      I don’t think you get it. No one is afraid of Miscavige anymore. He is impotent these days.

  4. pedophiles says:

    The hypocrisy in this country shocks me. Our forefathers escaped from religious
    persecution. They wrote our constitution
    to make sure this inalienable right is protected. The made this right the 1st right
    above others. That’s how important it
    was to them. CSPAN had a show the other
    day discussing religious freedom and racisms especially against minority
    religions. People practice SANTORIA in
    America; they worship Snakes, Cows, Rats, Earth, Moon, Wicker worship. I mean there are thousands of different
    religious practices in our country and that’s all ok, that’s the beauty of this
    country, that we have this FREEDOM TO WORSHIP ACCORDING TO OUR OWN
    CONSCIOUS. And when the world’s biggest
    and most popular religion has reported 50% PEDOPHILES that are SODOMIZING little
    deaf boys, I’ll think even GOD would rather I believe in cult than join that
    religious group. Amazing that people
    would rather take the kids to the alter, spread their butt cheeks for the
    priest to enter and yet judge other religious practices. I mean with all the reports of sodomy out
    there, aren’t parents CHOSING to have their little boys SODOMIZED by taking
    them to that “holy church.” If you know
    something bad is happening to little boys at a church and you keep giving them
    money are not worst of human beings.

    • deb wilkin says:

      its NOT a religion- its a crude version of the psychology of the day- when Ron Hubbard was in prision- its essentially Ron’s uneducated version of psychoanalysis.

    • media_lush says:

      Pedophiles is an OSA bot [poor sap who’d forced to work at scientology’s ‘Office of Special Affairs’ to try and combat any anti scion ot Tom Cruise stuff on the net

      Their tactici to try and distract all articles criticising scientology by trying to change the subject and get the commentators to argue the new topic they’ve brought up – often introducing ‘rage’ subjects… in this case you’ve attempted to add ‘isodomy’ as a diversionary tactic.

      we all know your tactics now, lulz

    • That’s not religion. That’s gay pedophiles covering up for gay pedophiles for centuries. The Catholic Church needs to stop ordaining gays, otherwise defiling of boys, will not stop. Same thing happened in the scouts.

  5. pedophiles says:

    Think about this.
    When you take Communion, the same hands the Priest are using to give you
    the “Holy Sacrament” is the same hands they use to masturbate and jerk-off
    little altar boys. But of course your
    religion is better?

    • You’re talking about gay pedophiles. They’re disgusting and the Catholic Church needs to stop ordaining gays who’ve been covering up for each others crimes perpetrated on boys for centuries.

      • omarie says:

        Your both idiots…. @ashleysimpson and @pedophile. Both of you are ignorant and uneducated. Stop bashing the Catholic Church

  6. deb wilkin says:

    OMGness- i would have surely thought those scientologist would have treated him like royality- to prevent one of the worse PR siuations that could happen- from happening…my guess is- they will be waking up and smelling the coffee here pretty quickly.

  7. subsilentio says:

    I can see we have an angry, spamming cultist here. Say hi to David Miscavige, you stupid cult moron.

  8. Yeppir says:

    Appears mental.

  9. Vistaril says:

    Good luck to Eddie. The cult of Scientology is going to be keeping a very close eye on his activities in an attempt to lure him back onto the Bridge to Xenu rather than him speaking of his experiences. The best thing he can do is go public, tell all his secrets and take the pressure off.

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  11. BuryTheNuts2 says:

    The cultie minion is rocking this comment section. Desperate much?

    When will you get that Scientology is a Lie…one of LRH biggest whoppers!!! In the end all it does is mess people up badly. Get out…get some help…get your lives back.

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