Meet Tumi Oguntala, The Biggest Loser Season 15 Contestant


Meet Tumi Oguntala, a 41-year-old Brand Strategist from Clifton Park, New York. Tumi lost her 39-year-old mother to cancer when she was just 14, which she reveals, “made me scared to start a family because of the fear that I, too, would leave young children behind. Achieving a healthy weight will go a long way towards giving me confidence that I can be here for my loved ones in the future.” 

According to her official bio, “Tumi was born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Somerset, New Jersey, the middle child of three daughters. She earned a bachelor of arts degree from Rutgers University and later received her master’s degree there in business administration. Tumi became overweight after graduating from business school, attributing her weight gain to inconsistent exercise, yo-yo dieting and emotional eating.”

Tumi reveals that her wake up call came when she went for a mammogram, but the size of her breasts and weight gain made it too difficult for the doctors to see the results. At 319 pounds, Tami suffers from high cholestrol but reveals that she decided to come on the show to be able to lose weight without her day-to-day distractions. Her plans after losing weight are to start a family with her fiance after marrying him.

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