Victoria Justice Sexy Crotch Shot Swimsuit Photos Stolen From Her Phone (PHOTOS)

Victoria Justice Sexy Crotch Shot Swimsuit Photos Stolen From Her Phone (PHOTOS)

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice is freaking out because photos of her were leaked on line by OceanUp. Apparently the teen star modeled an 80’s aerobic-instructor suit and took pics of it with her phone as a joke because she thought it was hilarious – until the phone got stolen. Now the shots, which show Victoria in a painful looking, super high cut crotch shot suit have hit the internet and she claims to be unhappy.

Girlfriend took to her Twitter to publicly lash out at the site saying,

@OCEANUP My phone was stolen & some1 leaked this. Wasn’t meant 2 be “sexy”, I took it as a joke cuz I look like an 80’s aerobics instructor.

And then,

Hacking & stealing is NOT COOL. #RespectPeoplesPersonalProperty #Karma

Okay, I’m going to be evil for a moment here and play devil’s advocate. If you are taking a photo of yourself that you think is hilarious, do you take 4 perfectly posed, camera ready shots? Also when things like this fall into the wrong hands there isn’t usually an instant Twitter war but more like an effective threat of legal action.

Perhaps Victoria has watched a whole bunch of teen stars before her profit from sexing up their image and she’s thinking it’s her turn. Her Nickelodeon show was just canned and she needs to find a new gig. Perhaps this “leak” was intended to sex up her image a bit (think Vanessa Hudgens) to get her a more adult kind of role. She wouldn’t be the first (or the hundredth) young Hollywood star to take this approach and she would also be far from the last.

Do you find this whole thing a little bit shady? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jack

    If you think the photos are funny then why wouldn’t
    you be posing in them? Thats the whole point right? I don’t
    understand your logic.

    Also didn’t she just say she was going to take
    action against this? Not to mention these pictures are far from
    “sexed” up. These are one piece bathing suits. The bikini she was
    in last year was more revealing than this.

    Which is why I believe this “scandal” is nothing
    more than a girl who got her phone stolen or hacked or what not.
    Leave a message…