Who Is Going Home On Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Prom Night (POLL and REVIEW)

Who Is Going Home On Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Prom Night (POLL and REVIEW)

For sixteen seasons, Dancing with the Stars has left us as speechless as a Milli Vanilli tribute concert. The premise is both brilliant and ludicrous in its entirety, but it is this quintessential amalgam that makes DWTS one of the most popular reality television shows in the world. Over the years, many failed celebrities failed at dancing, ruined their lackluster careers by being bitchy, and caused more controversy than a Celebrity Rehab marathon.

DWTS has always been pregnant with a tribe of Liberace babies, but on tonight’s episode, these babies will be born into a pool of Sally Field’s tears.  It’s Prom Night on DWTS, so these celebrities will dance until their toes pop, spin until their eyes fall out, and boogie like it is 1982.

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Prom is usually a time for reflection, for nostalgia, for saying goodbye, for falling in love, for dreaming, and for ending an era of your life that held the secrets to your future. Unfortunately, this momentous milestone was tainted, tortured, and turned into a horror film starring Wynonna Judd and Bruno Tonioli. Fans are asked to join in on the “fun” and vote, via Twitter, for Prom King and Queen. The male and female star with the most votes will win VIP tickets to a UB40 concert in Russia and also two extra points for the night.  (You guess which one is false!)

“Y.M.C.A”, “Footloose”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, and “Do You Think I’m Sexy” are a few of the songs you heard on the episode. (It’s Prom Night, what did you expect?)

After last night’s show at the top of the leaderboard is Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough who scored a 25/30 for their Jive.  Bruno said, ” Every movement was filled with precision.” 

At the bottom of the leaderboard is Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani  who scored 15/30 for their Samba.  Bruno said about their dance, “Oh no Wynonna, I was expecting a wild child.  You have to ride the Samba, it was a bit sedated.”

If you missed any of last night’s performances, you can see all the videos HERE.

Logic dictates that Wynonna should go home tonight, but you never know.  Who should leave tomorrow night? Vote in our trusty poll and let us know in the comments below which couple you think should be going home tonight.