Wife Swap RECAP 4/11/13: Cindy Avery-Lamb and Dayna Martin Swap Lives

Wife Swap RECAP 4/11/13: Cindy Avery-Lamb and Dayna Martin Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Wife Swap returns again for a whole new episode.  On tonight’s show self-proclaimed strict disciplinarian Cindy Avery-Lamb and advocate of “Radical Unschooling” Dayna Martin swap lives.  Did you watch last week’s episode when Heidi Cochran and Comedian Marianne Curry swapped lives?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

Cindy Avery-Lamb lives in suburban San Diego, CA with her husband, Andrade, son Jory (17) and daughter Najia (11.) Cindy is a strict disciplinarian and runs a tight ship at home. Her family adheres to a detailed list of chores and scheduled activities, including Cindy’s regular “room checks” to make sure her children’s bedrooms are neat and clean and up to her meticulous standards. Cindy also keeps tabs on her children at all times, including monitoring their conversations on social media, and she always knows where they are and whom they’re with.

Dayna Martin lives in Madison, NH with her husband, Joe, and their four children, Devin (13), Tiffany (11), Ivy (8) and Orion (4). Dayna is an advocate of “Radical Unschooling,” believes that schools are like prisons and that institutionalizing a child is one of the cruelest things a parent can do. The Martin children live life as if they were on permanent summer vacation, with no chores, mandatory bedtime or responsibilities.

We will be covering tonight’s Wife Swap, Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry episode with all the details.    For the first time in the show’s history, a family breaks the rules of the swap and refuses to reunite for the roundtable discussion.  You don’t want to miss it!  Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

On tonight’s episode of Wife Swap its down to a Hippie and Disciplinarian to switch lives. Last week everything ended pretty tame for wife swap but for tonight the cursing and threats are back.

Dayna Martin homeschools her children. There is not set time for any of their activities. They live practically as they please. On the other hand Cindy Avery-Lamb watches and sees everything her children do. She always pushed for her children to get that “A”. This is not going to end pleasantly.

On her first view of the house, Cindy immediately states that house needs to be teared down. Her assumptions on the occupants are “lazy” and “smelly”.  When she reads Dayna’s rules, she questions whether it’s legal.   It doesn’t take her too long after meeting the family to ask “does Dayna clean?” She’s shocked

After Dayna views the house and the rules she finds herself scared for her own children. She even wonders if any children actually live in such a pristine house. She meets the family and first thought was that the children seem withdrawn and just a little too quiet.

Cindy asks the children about their education. She tests the daughter, Tiffany, and finds out the young girl doesn’t have a good grasp on Reading. She couldn’t read the word “only” Later when she finds the dog licking the dishes, she partials gives up and decides not to stay overnight at the Martins’ house but instead sleep at the hotel.  Later when she’s talking to 13 yr old, Devin, she’s further shocked when he swears in front of an adult. Cindy questions Joe about this only to be told that they won’t restrict their children’s language. Cindy tries to him it’s not about restriction but about respect.

It could have been fine for the new experiences end there but she does go on to see Joe allow his son to get a piercing. He got a nose ring.

Dayna is having some problems with the way Cindy’s husband, Andrade, talks to the children. She finds it almost bullying the way he talks to his 17yr old. The kids are woken up for school by an alarm. On the school drop off, she finds out the young man doesn’t really get time to hang out with his friends. She does manage to bond with Najia. Najia enjoys showing off her artwork.

Dayna confronts Andrade about his children needing his validation and how she fears Cindy may have emasculated him.

It the day for the women to change the rules and already  Andrade countermands Dayna by telling his children that there still will be school. Her rules are that are no rules, no chores, and no school. Also Andrade should meet his kids’ friends. That one Jori is especially excited about. Dayna instills daily hugs and part of parent and child bonding.

Cindy shows she came prepared for her Rules Changes by dressing up in military outfit. She instills a curfew, some dog behavioral rules, and they will be going to school. There is some confrontation when Devin tries to get smart with Cindy and she replies she’ll eat him and spit him out. Joe is already telling her that she better lay a hand on his kids. This erupts in an argument between Joe and Cindy. Joe and Devin don’t feel they should follow her rules when she doesn’t spend the night. Cindy tells him that his son should know his place and that Joe should get some authority.

Najia gets to hang up her artwork in her room and she’s also happy to get a hug from her dad. Jori is allowed to invite his friends over for the first time and his dad jokes around with them. His dad also hugs him, in front of his friends, but Jori doesn’t look embarrassed,

Joe does tell his children to follow Cindy’s rules. They do some cleaning for a while before they turn on the tears and Devin goes on strike until Cindy allows him to freely talk to his girlfriend. It’s time for bed and the kids appear to follow the rules until Joe notifies them when Cindy leaves. After hearing the “joyous” news they get up to do as they like. Joe believes if she’s not here to enforce it then the rules don’t apply. That’s the reason they all went to bed without any fuss like earlier.

Dayna told the children to make list about what they like and what they would like to change. Hearing them, Andrade does agree with things they’d like to change. He hugs his son after hearing him asks for forgiveness.

Cindy brings in a horn to wake up the children but listens to Joe when he tells her not use it. They’re talking about the horn when in the middle of their conversation Joe honks the horn near Cindy’s face. A cursing fight ensues until Joe throws Cindy out of the house. Swap ended.

Both parents all meet up for the roundtable. Joe begins by apologizing for the horn but when he tries to explain his actions, Cindy cuts him off with her side of events. An argument begins with Cindy’s voice being most prominent while her husband remains quiet. Joe and Dayna do leave the table early but they do come back.  Dayna and Andrade agree about some changes they made. Cindy agrees to disagree.

Cindy was hurt that her children had “complaints”. The only thing she changed after her experience was buying a blender for vegan smoothies. Dayna and her family didn’t change a thing.

On next week’s promo, it’s looking like a battle of the fitness. If there’s anything to say about America is that weight the issue will never be solved in this lifetime. Why? Because healthy is considered too out there.

  • MrsG

    Oh Gosh, that Cindy is a nightmare. No one gets to say anything but her. She was mad that the son said Damn…good mothers know how to lovingly correct a child, allowing the child to maintain their value and sense of worth and value after the correction. I am embarrassed with that woman, as a woman.

  • Ryan

    I wanted to see Cindy’s husband freak out on her. What a bitch.

  • owen

    Sorry. That Cindy can’t be a real person. That had to be a put on. CU Next Tuesday Cindy

    • Amy

      Yes, definitely, C U Next Tueday….Cindy :}

  • good Mom

    That Cindy is crazy and I feel so bad for her kids and husband! He needs to check her for talking to the kids like they don’t have feelings! If I were her son,I would leave her ass the second I turned18. She is a failure as a mother!

  • joanna klatt

    Cindy is the worst mother in the world! Those poor kids! And the little girl, her artwork will be taken down? Why? How could u crush her like that? I would not be surprised at all if she ended up a runaway teen. I can’t believe her son hasn’t. I loved when his friends made fun of her and humiliated her- just like she humiliated everyone she spoke to. How does it feel bitch? And as for her husband…. Divorce her! But find a way to stay in those kids lives. They need someone to talk to who understands their feelings. Too bad they r not biologically yours and u can’t take them from that witch. And- she made mistakes in the past that she doesn’t regret cuz they brought her to where she is now- wtf? Her kids can’t learn the real world their way at all? They will be so lost. I also predict once her children r of age if they have not run away by then, that they will move far away and never look back. She will never know her grandchildren as her children will fear she will do to their children what she did to them.

  • Guest

    All she is doing is driving her kids away from her. I would not have been able to sit across from her at the table without punching her in the face!!

  • Cindy was really coldhearted. How could she wana take down her daughters picture! Shows how selfcentered she is.Then to complain about what her sons friends said was stupid because obviously its all true. I feel bad for those kids. Some rules are good but growing up in a priso sucks!

  • Jamie

    Two extremes. Two polar opposites. But if I had to choose a home, I’d choose Cindy’s. Those “unschooled” children are set up to fail, unless they’re planning on staying at home and raising chickens. They ALL had attitudes and would never function in a real work environment. I bet those parents can read. Who taught them? It wasnt a freakin Ipad. Seriously that is a tragedy.

  • Kim Murphy

    I love to see how Dayna brought hope to Cindy’s husband and children during her stay with them. They were all at ease with smiles! He seems to have the ability to recognize errors and desires to see his children happy. He has the power to help his kids thrive…but it won’t happen with Cindy in the picture. Her focus is completely on herself in a very disfunctional way. As for Dayna, she has a sweet nature that loves people for who they are, but I think holding back on schooling will put her kids at a disadvantage. They will not have the freedom to choose their careers like they think. Even running your own business successfully requires certain skills and disciplines. I say to lovingly educate them at home at a modern pace with modern materials so they can feel free to pursue their adult careet goals with a good knowledge base if they want to live their American dreams.

  • Cindy was horrible I hope she reads this. Talk about parenting she needs some one to kick a heart into her behind. I feel sorry for her kids, I hope her son gets out once he’s 18. I can’t believe she said her daughters picture wasn’t staying. She did nothing but show what a heartless, inconsiderate mother she is who’s kids are suffering. That episode made me sad, my heart goes out to Cindy’s children.

  • Kim

    I don’t typically watch a lot of tv but just happened to turn it on last night, 20 minutes into the episode. WOW! I have never felt so much disgust for another human as I did Cindy. She had to be the rudest, most arrogant, condescending, and loudest person I have seen. It crushed me when she told her daughter that her artwork wouldn’t be staying and how she jumped on her son for what his friends said about her. I would live in Dayna’s household any day… And PS- I homeschool. If it were considered abuse, it wouldn’t be legal. I have a child in college who scored above average on SATs and a straight A and B 10th grader. Had my 10th grader been in high school two years ago, she would have gotten swallowed up in the system when her epilepsy got out of control. Because I DO homeschool, I was able to see IMMEDIATELY when things started going south as far as her seizures (that were not always visibly noticeable) and get her in for more neurological testing, which resulted in another medication being added and 99% seizure control. This would not have have happened had she been in public school… (but I digress:) Dayna rules and Cindy, well, she does not…I hope Cindy’s husband someday makes a stand against what his wife is doing to the family.

    • Simplexityy

      I mostly agree with you, with the exception of Dayna’s family. The problem with them is that they are not home schoolers, they are radical unschoolers. Their daughter who was definitely over 8 years old, could barely read. They are doing their children a disservice in the manner they are “not teaching” them.

  • I’m disgusted with the Martin family. Cindy was right – Joe is a loser. How sad that these two so called parents would handicap their children so much that the one girl can’t even read the word “only”. Why don’t they just chop off the childrens’ hands and feet and gouge out their eyeballs? Handicap them some more, make them even more of a damaged freak show. This isn’t about homeschooling; it’s about no schooling. So what if Cindy was a little on the militant side? Her children are lovely, well balanced and well mannered, and will be functional adults. They will attend college and then contribute to society. They will make a good living and pay taxes, and fund the welfare programs that will support the Martin children as they spiral down. Poor little Devin won’t even be able to sell drugs for a living since he can’t read, write, or weigh drugs on a scale.

  • Kalepe

    I WANTED to like Cindy, I really did. But the fact that she couldn’t even listen to anyone else’s point of view is very telling. She complained about the son saying “damn” and then she goes on to cuss like a truck driver. Wow. Now there’s a sign of intelligence–you can’t argue sensibly, so start swearing. My heart breaks for her precious family. So sad.

  • Jabranpin

    Cindy was so mean that even her husband fears her lmao. Its only a matter of time before he leaves her and goes for the loving, easy to be with woman. I am a black man and this is not about race but love and support. She actually values a furniture more than she values her kids omg! The amount of aggressiveness in that woman, Cindy, is scary. I’ll bet their son had resigned to never finding love if he assumed all women are like his mother.

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  • Chantal Graham

    Cindy is horrible. I mean there are things the Martin family need to change too. The unschooling really is doing a disservice to the kids. The mother read very well so I know she went to school. Basic education at least is important. Back to Cindy, I wish her kids all the best. I pray that her daughter doesn’t rebel negatively but someone has to stand up to her. The husband isnt and if Jory is smart he’ll be out of there as soon as he can. The reason for Wife Swap is to learn something and you would hope by the end people would. Neither side did and that’s unfortunate because these kids all need help. Cindy needs counselling.

  • Amy

    Tho I don’t agree with not educating your children, I do think Cindy is a total freak. She even freaked out when she got home about her son’s friends saying things about her. She wouldn’t let her daughter’s artwork stay on the wall. What a piece of work. I’m all for cleaning and schooling but my children also have minds of their own and they are not afraid to tell me anything. They have friends over every weekend and they tell me all the time how much their friends like me. I don’t allow cursing or talking back, but I don’t freak out on them if they slip up now and then. These are both extreme cases, but Cindy, by far, is the worse of the two when it comes to being a nurturing mother.