CDL Giveaway: Win an Awesome Prize Pack in Celebration of Oxygen’s “Best Ink” Season 2!

CDL Giveaway: Win an Awesome Prize Pack in Celebration of Oxygen's "Best Ink" Season 2!

Everyone out there knows that we absolutely adore contests, primarily because they reward our fabulous readers for sticking with us throughout the long, hard, arduous days of chatting about celebs. Oxygen is celebrating the return of its tattoo reality competition Best Ink — and as it gets started with it’s high impact second season, we thought we’d offer you up a lil’ somethin’ somethin’. The season premiered last Wednesday and will return April 10th for some all around awesome artistry. So don’t forget to tune in!

Here’s the synopsis for the second episode: The artists discover that there is more than one way to tell a story when they’re faced with creating a tattoo using a controversial medium. Music recording artist Ray J drops by in the mysterious Flash Challenge.

The contest is really simple (well, if you watch the show). Here’s how to qualify for the ultimate prize pack (details listed below):

Tune in for Wednesday night’s episode and answer the following trivia questions. Post the answers in the comments section below and all participants who accurately list the correct answers will be qualified to be chosen for the prize.


1. Who says they were one of the first black tattoo artists they knew?

2. The beginning of the episode mentions less than __% of tattoo artists are females

3. Who wins the flash challenge?

4. Which of the following celebrities have UV Tattoo’s? [choices] Lil’ Wayne; Kate Moss; Khloe Kardashian; All of the above

5. How long do the artists get to complete their tattoo in the ink challenge?

6. What word is spelled wrong in Teresa’s tattoo?


How to Win: Place your e-mail address in the comments section below along with your answers to the trivia questions (listed above). Everyone who gets all the answers correct will be entered in the drawing to win. If nobody answers all correctly, then the prize will go to the person with the highest amount of correct answers.

Deadline: The contest will run until Tuesday, April 16th. So make sure to enter SOON for your chance to win! There will be one (1) winner who will receive the prize.

Eligibility: This contest is open to all USA residents ONLY.

Prize: Awesome Best Ink Prize Pack, which includes:

1 $100 AMEX gift card – we know tattoos can be expensive, this could go towards your next tat!
2 Best Ink coffee mugs
1 Set of Joe’s temporary tattoos
1 $50 Tattly gift card
1 set of glow in the dark paint
1 Best Ink t-shirt
1 new Fallout Boy Album CD

Disclaimer: Celeb Dirty Laundry has not received any payment or promotional products as a result of this giveaway. The prize has been provided by a promotional/marketing company; however, this company is in no way sponsoring, nor are they administering, this post. We just love giving away great treats to our stellar readers!