Zachary Quinto’s Boyfriend, Glee’s Jonathan Groff – Marriage Proposal!

Zachary Quinto’s Boyfriend, Glee’s Jonathan Groff – Marriage Proposal!

Zachary Quinto embodied the character of a new-generation’s Spock, but out of fear of being ridiculed by Star Trek super fans, we are forced to deviate from this typecast path and rather focus on Quinto’s guest appearance on the debut season of American Horror Story. Quinto’s characterization of the murdered gay ghost proved that he had exquisite control over his method and his acting abilities. His character was a terrifying piece of social commentary on gay relationships and stereotypes, and served as Quinto’s single-handed return to prime time television.

However, in October of 2011, the now 35-year-old actor struggled with ghosts of his own. After the shocking suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer – a young teen that was bullied because of his bisexuality – Quinto came out of the proverbial closet and released a stunning statement that read: “Living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.” Quinto’s public announcement of his sexuality was seen by many as one of the defining steps in “gay acceptance” – here was a hypo-famous celebrity expressing his sexuality in a vulnerable and inspiring manner. Soon after his public “coming out”, Quinto added his voice to the already cacophonous roar of other gay actors fighting for marriage equality in the United States.

Zachary Quinto’s Boyfriend, Glee’s Jonathan Groff – Marriage Proposal!

Today, two years after Quinto’s public acknowledgement of his sexuality, he is planning to propose to his boyfriend, Glee’s nasty-nasty Jonathan Groff. After moving in with Groff, Star magazine reports exclusively that Quinto “is said to be absolutely smitten with Groff.” A source revealed, “It’s by far the happiest relationship he’s ever been in. They’ve been serious for a while now, but things have heated up since they started living together.

And just like that, we realize that a fairy tale – even between two men – does indeed come true in the end.


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