Zendaya Coleman Cheating On Dancing With the Stars – Voter Fraud With Her Fans (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Zendaya Coleman and Her Fans Cheating On Dancing With the Stars - Voting Fraud (PHOTO PROOF)

It’s not really a surprise is it? She’s the youngest contestant on the show, and she does come from a Disney background. The Mouse isn’t exactly known for teaching its stars stellar manners or good life lessons. Either way, Zendaya Coleman has been caught red-handed  encouraging her fans to commit voter fraud.

As you all know, Dancing With the Stars viewers each have a unique email that they can vote from once – this was implemented to prevent multiple voting from one person and make sure that the end result was as legitimate and reflective of fan’s wishes as possible. However, Zendaya and her fans have been taking advantage of that system and creating multiple accounts with which to vote. Zendaya has been the one encouraging her fans to create multiple accounts to vote with, which means that she’s basically telling them to cheat.

Here Zendaya is seen pushing directly for her fans to cheat:


More evidence of Zendaya’s foul play is attached below, but ‘Team Valdaya’ [a fan account for Zendaya and Val] tweeted to another fan, “You need to make more emails I have over 200 emails to vote with!!!” Wow, if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.


Zendaya also tweeted, “I’m really gonna need ur help tonight twitterverse!! I can’t go home :)))” This carries a double meaning now that we know about the ballot stuffing cheating tactics. Zendaya needs to tell fans NOT TO CHEAT on her behalf.


Do you guys think Zendaya should be punished for encouraging her fans to cheat? It’s extremely unfair to the rest of the competitors who do not cheat. Utilizing her fan base this way is just doubly dishonest, and something that shouldn’t be tolerated. Let us know if you agree in the comments.

Image Credit: Twitter

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30 responses to “Zendaya Coleman Cheating On Dancing With the Stars – Voter Fraud With Her Fans (PHOTO EVIDENCE)”

  1. Mike11CTSV says:

    Oh please. She’s not cheating. You can be sure everybody else is doing the same thing. Plus, she’s by far the best this season, so she rightfully should win anyway. You a bunch of haters CDL.

  2. Guest says:

    How in the name of all things holy is she encouraging her fans to cheat??? I read that over twice and saw nothing at all that encouraged anyone to cheat.

  3. raya says:

    You really need to get over your Zendaya vendetta or whatever it is you’ve got going on as late. I’m not a child and guess what, all fanbases vote this way. You don’t think the Kellie/Derek, Aly/Mark and etc. voters do the same? This has been happening as long as DWTS has had online voting. To pretend that it’s something new or only something that Zendaya fans do is blatantly untrue.

  4. Jenny says:

    That is ridiculous! There is nothing in the rules stating that you can’t vote from more than one phone or account. If anything, this speaks for Zendaya’s character because she has so many fans that are willing to go to the effort of creating additional accounts.

  5. EJ Garza says:

    Zendaya would never cheat, she is not punish and she’s not a talentless freak. If you guys don’t like Zendaya, well screw you CDL. You guys ate stupid.

  6. EJ Garza says:

    Zendaya would never do anything like that. If you don’t like Zendaya, well screw you CDL. You guys are stupid. CDL IS THE WORSE!

  7. Phil jones says:

    CDL may be full of crap but I can agree with them on this. What other star does this besides Zendaya. PROOF she asked her fans to make emails below!!!!

  8. Phil jones says:

    Wow why is zendaya encouraging voting fraud?Proof below

  9. HollywoodHiccups says:

    I agree with Phil on this, clearly she is pulling a Bristol Palin, not cool!!

  10. That’s not called cheating you foolish, sham of a journalist. I’m sure ABC is well aware that this is being done by every contestant’s fans, whether it’s the current ones or in the past.

    If ABC felt the need to prevent this “voter fraud” from happening, they would’ve implemented a change in their voting system.
    But instead, they love it because they’re etting more website visits.

  11. disqus_X01qLCYWCM says:

    The only one foul playing here is you CDL. That’s the third week I see you are writing a piece trying to discredit this girl with lies. What did she do to you? The first one, by the way, about her dad was tasteless. You even wrote on the second piece of work of yours last week that the info was faulty. Everybody knows all fan bases do that on DWTS, there’s no news there. You are a shame for what’s called journalism. Or better ask, what’s your agenda or who is paying you to do that?

    • CDL….This is not new…it has been done during the last two seasons that I know of.
      CDL, I am amazed at how you can discombobulate the truth in order to take up space in the comment section.

      You are a disgrace and a discredit as a commenter on DWTS!!!!!!

  12. LeLe says:

    Y’all must know nothing about dancing with the stars. Everyone’s fans can vote how many times as they want. And if you go on some of the pros fan sites they have directions on how to do it. It’s not against any rules. This website is worse then mediatakeout, someone should sue

  13. brandee says:

    I had a problem since she’s a Disney employee and ABC/DWTS is ABC, as well as she has professional dancing training, she shouldn’t be eligible……well if she’s gonna suggest create multiple email acclounts, I’ll do it for my fave- which isn’t her

  14. earsucker says:

    She’s a good dancer, I don’t know why she would want to resort to this

  15. Phil jones says:

    Hey stupid Zendaya fans check this out This is done by CNN not CDL…., Zendaya is doing the same thing on difference is she’s a way better Dancer Than Bristol Palin http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rZQifsBwfpc

    • BTW Phil, CDL is much more honest and reliable than CNN – we just make some people uncomfortable because we have no political agenda and refuse to pander to celebs or their fans. A good example is how we called out Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder for pretending to still be a couple two months before they finally admitted to their breakup – we saw the clear evidence of their spilt and we reported it despite getting slammed by overzealous fans and even the self-styled Gossip Cop webloid. Now they eat crow as once again CDL was proven right.

  16. Phil jones says:

    Need more proof Zendaya’s fan are loading the votes okay here you go

  17. Phil jones says:

    I think your right Jody this the truth but Zendaya’s fans just don’t wanna see it for what it is most of the stuff on CDL is accurate fans just don’t wanna see it

  18. She;s NOT gonna win anyhow, so who the hell cares. I see Kelly winning or Ali. PERIOD….

  19. GossipGirl says:

    Kim Kardashian did the exact same thing when she was on DWTS. She even admitted to making extra accounts!
    I dont watch DWTS anymore, but the few episodes I have seen Zendaya & Kelly Picker should be the top 2!

  20. kendra says:

    She looks like she could be, P Diddy’s muse, I meant girlfriend Cassie’s lil sister!

  21. Hey…I have friends that are doing the same thing for Kellie!
    And this has been being done for more than this season…I can say I know personally… this is not cheating…if it is, you have to go back and disqualify previous winners!!!!!
    Poor Tiger….I know how he feels to be falsely accused!!!

  22. Andie says:

    You slimeballs, this is LEGITIMATE, you can create as many email accounts as you want. Each account must be verified, and ABC put that check and balance in after the Palin fiasco. Get your facts straight, you useless rag.

  23. Dee says:

    That was my first thought!!!!! I am glad this came out. these kids and maybe even some ADULTS dont know how to discuss with maturity they get so upset if we point out things that Val and Zen did not do so well I am voting for Mark and Aly and hey I KNOW when their routines are a bit off but damn the zendayas fan feel she has deserved 30s this whole season. So I am going to post on mark and alys page to do the same. Hey if they can do it we all can cheat. she should trust, with as many fans as she does have, she will be safe and quite possibly win..

  24. kwetub says:

    My friends and i have been doing this for Team Derek and Kellie since the beginning, it’s really not something new…heard Z was cheating and wanted to see how and I’m kind of disappointed in your infor…..i may not be routing for Zendaya but i kind of think you guys have something against her, why else would u do this, further more it’s not like she’s hidden the tweet it’s there for all to see. i really hate it when people try to discredit others, if you did this to Derek and Kellie i would really be pissed off.

  25. ? Tiffany ? says:

    Why should she be punished? I’m pretty sure ppl would have made fake accounts to vote for her anyways. Ya’ll know she’s going to win. Stop trying to sabatoge her!

  26. savannah says:

    You done awesome even that you didn’t win you tried and came in 2 place great job What did you win for 2 place

  27. Madeline says:

    Wow really strong words

  28. Madeline says:

    I love you zendaya and these is really nice I can’t believe zendaya is dancing so I would say zendaya got to do her best
    And I would thank her very much