24 Live Another Day RECAP 5/12/14: Episode 3 “Day 9: 1: 00 PM-2: 00 PM”

24 Live Another Day RECAP 5/12/14: Episode 3 "Day 9: 1: 00 PM-2: 00 PM"

24: Live Another Day airs tonight with a new episode called, “Day 9: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM.” On tonight’s episode Kate’s hunt for Jack continues as President Heller prepares to address Parliament after a devastating attack. Elsewhere, Margot Al-Harazi demonstrates how much she is willing to sacrifice for revenge.

On last week’s episode and the season premiere another eventful day in the life of Jack Bauer began with the heroic agent-turned-fugitive in a race against the clock to save the world while simultaneously staying on the run from the CIA. Set four years after the “24″ finale, the series opened found Jack put his freedom on the line by coming out of hiding in London to try and prevent a major terrorist attack.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episodes as the hunt continues for Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), the terror threat is intensifying, much to the chagrin of the CIA and Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski). Across town, President James Heller (William Devane) prepares to address Parliament in an attempt to heal recent wounds with the British, and to preserve his legacy. Meanwhile, Margot (guest star Michelle Fairley) – a homegrown British terrorist seeking to avenge her husband’s death – proves she is willing to make any sacrifice for her mission.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting, you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of it. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer.

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It’s 1 pm. Jack and Chloe pull up to the bar where Yates and Simone were. They are 10 minutes behind the pair. Jack comes in and sees a jacket at an empty table. He heads to the restroom and sees Yates dead with blood seeping out of his head. He pulls his gun and checks the stalls. No one else is there. He sees no sign of struggle so he knows it’s a pro and tells Chloe she either double crossed him or had help. Chloe checks CCTV but doesn’t see her. Out back, he finds a wig and tells her she would look different.

Chloe says she found her at the tube station six minutes ago and says she has the device and is headed North. The next station is Waterloo. Jack hops in the car and they speed off. Chloe navigates. Kate has the drug dealers trussed up and ask one guy if Jack gave him the rope burn. Kate tells him that he’s got a brain hemorrhage and will die if he doesn’t get help. The guy says Yates name and the boss says to stop talking.

Navarro calls Ritter and says they need to get out of there because the locals are on their way. Navarro says he’s responsible since Kate is working off books. The head guy tells them to piss off because he knows they’re not cops. Kate pulls Ritter aside and he says Navarro wants them gone and says to cut them loose. Kate keeps the leader as Ritter asks what she’s doing.

She pistol whips him unconscious and says he’s coming with them since he knows something. Ritter says Navarro wants them out and she says to grab an arm because she’s not leaving without him. Ritter is worried about the local cops and she tells him to pick up the pace.

Jack is a traffic hazard as he races for Waterloo station. Simone is on the train. They stop and Chloe tells Jack to hurry and says she’ll follow on surface streets. He runs into the station. The train is at the station and Jack races for it and Chloe tells him she’s in the fifth car. He races for the car and climbs on as the doors open. He works his way through the passengers and looks around.

He gets closer to the front of the car and looks at Simone. They make eye contact. She has the case and flips her switchblade open. She slices her own leg as the train pulls up to Charing Cross. She moves to the door and he stays nearby. She rubs some blood on her face and yells for help. She says Jack is trying to kill her and in the confusion she gets away.

Chloe pulls up and Jack tells her that Simone is headed up to the second level. Chloe checks the cameras. Simone ducks into a maintenance tunnel. A guy shuts the gate to the tunnel. Chloe says she must have found another exit. He’s at street level and doesn’t see her. Chloe sees a family come out of the tube and the guy looks like her ex husband Morris.

Simone hops into a cab but Chloe lost her when she was momentarily distracted. Jack hops into the car and demands to know how she missed her. She demands for Jack to take her back to Open Cell. She says she missed her because she thought she saw Morris and Prescott (her son). She says he doesn’t know and tells him that her husband and son are dead.

Jack asks how and she says Morris was driving their son home from soccer practice and they were stopped at a light and were struck by a truck. She says the witness saw the truck hit them and drive away. Chloe begins sobbing and Jack hugs her and tells her he’s so sorry. Chloe says it was supposed to be her because she always took him to practice.

She says they were targeting her because she knew what happened the day Jack disappeared. He says you can’t bring back the ones you love but you can honor their loves. He says it’s the only way forward. He tells her that he doesn’t want to make her do anything but says he needs her help and says please help me stop these attacks from happening. It’s 1:14 pm.

It’s 1:18 pm. Mark Boudreau sits at his desk. Ron comes in and says he looks at the protocol for handing Jack over to the Russians when they catch him. He says he needs to get Heller to sign an executive order. Audrey comes in and asks what’s going on and Mark says it’s about Tanner the pilot.

Audrey tells him he was cruel to her father and humiliated him in front of her.

She says her dad can go before Parliament and Mark says even if he was spot on, it’s a fool’s errand to try and get the lease extended. She says he’s staked his administration on it and Mark says they can do it better from home working through back channels. Audrey says her dad won’t back down and Mark says he will if she asks him. He says her dad will squander all his political capital if he humiliates himself in front of Parliament. She agrees to talk to her dad and leaves.

Mark opens the folder with the executive order to rendition Jack in it. He forges the President’s signature on it. Chloe says Interpol picked up the girl and says it’s Simone Al-Harazi. He asks if she’s Margot’s daughter and Chloe confirms it. She says Margot was radicalized after she married an Al Qaeda operative.

She says that Margot and Simone are both wanted on terrorism charges. She married Muhammad Al-Harazi and is best known for killing more than 30 English tourists in Cairo. She says that Muhammad was killed in a drone strike three years ago and Margot herself almost died. It’s 1:22 pm. Jack says they have to get back to Adrian at Open Cell.

Simone comes to her mom who is in her garden cutting roses. She sees her daughter’s injured leg and asks what happened and Simone says there was an American there who was after Yates. Simone says she has no idea who he is or what he wants but is sure he didn’t follow her. She hands her mom the case with the device in it. Margot tells her she did well and welcomes her home. They embrace.

Simone and Margot go inside and her brother greets her with a kiss. He takes the device from his mom. He looks at it and says that Yates used a nonstandard bus and says he’ll need an hour or more to get it online. Margot says to make it less. Simone looks at the screens and says with a smile that the targeting is done.

Naveed, Simone’s husband, comes in and she tells him in Arabic that she loves him. Margot tells him to give her a proper kiss since he hasn’t seen her in weeks. He does then her mom sends her upstairs to dress her wound. Margot tells Naveed that she knows he doesn’t like what Simone had to do with Yates but says he can’t be angry with her or his wife.

She says she was in the same position with Muhammad and says they are fighting a war and that winning it is all that matter. She tells him to let Simone be a wife to him again and says it’s what is best for all of them. It’s 1:26 pm.

At 1:30 pm, Chloe and Jack get back to Open Cell. Adrian says he’s been calling them and she says they were tracking the phones and they had to dump them. Jack says Yates is dead and the device is in terrorist’s hands. He says it can control up to 10 drones with hellfire missiles. Adrian says this wouldn’t be an issue if the horrible drone program didn’t exist. Jack says they need to get enough proof to convince the authorities the device exists.

Adrian says he needs the flight record of Tanner’s drone to prove it and the hackers say that Tanner is about to be dropped off to the Embassy. Jack says he needs a visitor identity to get in there and Chloe says she can do it quickly with help. Jack appeals to Adrian for help. He pauses, then consents. Jack asks Chloe also for schematics to the embassy.

The drug thug Bashir tells Kate he won’t tell her anything and tells them they’re wasting their time and says waterboarding won’t work on him. They pull into a tunnel and Kate says she heard he had an issue with the Tamil Boys. She asks if they got over it. The other thugs come to the car and Bashir says he’ll tell them. He says Yates was working on something with drones. They put the window down and he says he heard him talking about Tanner and begs them to drive the car. They do right before the thugs surround them.

Tanner is brought by Denovo to the Embassy. Protestors surround the car and Denovo tells the drone pilot that if they knew who he was, the crowd would rip him apart. The innocent pilot looks understandably stressed out. It’s 1:34 pm.

At 1:39 pm, Margot tends to Simone’s leg wound. She stitches her up as she winces in pain. She says she shouldn’t have cut so deep but her mom says she was improvising. Margot wonders how the American followed her from the apartment. She says her daughter may have been careless but Simone says he didn’t follow her there.

Her mom says she can never let down her guard and to remind herself that she’s never safe. She says she’s taught her that and Simone says she has. Margot is done stitching and says all better. She puts down the medical kit and leaves her daughter to think.

Kate and Ritter speed down the road while Kate reads Tanner’s account that alleges that someone took control of his drone. They can’t figure out how to link these events and Ritter says she’s sharp – too sharp to miss what her husband was up to and Kate says she asks herself every day how she missed it.

Navarro calls and isn’t happy that Kate assaulted a civilian. She says the guy gave her intel that may link Bauer to the drone attack that morning. She says they are on the way to the Embassy to interview Tanner and Navarro says to keep him in the loop and let him know if they have any problems getting access. Ritter is impressed that Navarro is on board for this.

The President watches the protestors on TV when Audrey comes in. He says they want blood and he wonders if they want his or Tanner’s more. Audrey mutes the TV and says she wants to talk about Parliament and he asks if Mark wants her to talk him out of it. She says they’re both concerned but her dad says if the treaty deal is going to happen it will happen here and now. He says he’s not going home without the base.

Audrey says she knows Mark can seem controlling but is just doing what he thinks is best. Heller asks how they’re getting along and she says their marriage is good. He kisses his daughter and says that’s good. She leaves so he can get dressed for his event.

Outside the Embassy, the rioters are crazy. Jack is nearby and Chloe tells him that his credentials are almost ready and that Tanner has the flight key they need. The hackers work furiously. They get into the Embassy visitor log and are ready to add him. Adrian does something that the other hacker says will get Jack arrested. He does it anyway. Chloe is oblivious. It’s 1:46 pm.

Jack stands in line at the Embassy at 1:51 pm. Kate and Ritter are still on their way. Naveed comes in and goes to the wardrobe and pours a shot of whiskey. Simone asks what he’s doing and says her mother will be furious with him for drinking. He takes another shot anyway. Simone follows him and tells him she loves him. She asks if he missed her but he pushes her away when she touches him.

She tells him he knew what she had to do with Yates to get the job done and he says that’s not what’s bothering him. He says he doesn’t think he can go through with it – he says he had a nightmare about women and children lying burnt in the streets. Simone tells him it’s natural to be scared and says it’s difficult for her as well.

She says it’s no small thing to kill a man but she’s done it and so will he because it’s necessary and just what they’re doing. She tells him they will get through it together. She kisses him and tells him to just lie back and she unbuttons his shirt. Margot watches this on a surveillance camera. Ewww.

Heller arrives with Audrey and Mark at Parliament. Davies meets him and tells him he doesn’t think he should address the body. He says they’re surly today. Heller is insistent and Mark is upset at Audrey. She says that its her dad’s call and he says he’s not fit. Audrey gets frustrated and says he can’t make decisions for her and keep her like a fragile keepsake.

Prime Minister Davies takes the floor in Parliament and says President Heller is there to offer some words on today’s events. Heller takes the podium before the legislators. He opens his speech. A heckler yells out asking what he’s going to do about today’s incident. He tries to start his speech again and then more hecklers begin yelling that they can’t control their soldiers and it was murder. Mark stares at the president with frustration.

Simone looks at her husband post-coital. He lies awake with his back to her and stares with dead eyes. Kate and Ritter are still on the way and Jack is still in line. Margot stares out the window. There’s a line to get into the embassy. Ritter and Kate park and get out of their car. Jack is up and the guard asks him to step forward. He says he’s delivering classified documents. The hacker girl looks at her computer.

Kate shows up and comes into the gate. Jack sees her. The guard takes Jack’s ID and goes into the guard shack. He scans it and says there is a problem. Chloe asks what’s wrong and Adrian says they did it. Jack says the ID isn’t working and Chloe tells Jack to get out of there now. He says he can’t and has to get in there. He walks away from the gate and tosses his bag down.

The guard calls for security and Chloe warns him. He takes out a guard and takes his gun. He hides it under his jacket and steps in with the protestors. He fires the gun at a couple of people, shooting them in the legs. Kate sees him. He yells at the crowd move, move and there’s panic everywhere. Kate calls out to him and gives chase. The crowd runs through the gates and he goes with them. Kate gives chase and calls out to him again. It’s 1:59 pm.