24 Live Another Day RECAP 5/19/14: Episode 4 “Day 9: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM”

24 Live Another Day RECAP 5/19/14: Episode 4 “Day 9: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM”

24: Live Another Day airs tonight with a new episode called, “Day 9: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM.” On tonight’s episode a terror threat concerns are escalating as the CIA closes in on Jack while he makes his way to the U.S. Embassy; President Heller delivers an impassioned speech to Parliament; Margot asserts her authority; and Kate takes matters into her own hands.

On last week’s episode as the hunt continued for Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), the terror threat was intensifying, much to the chagrin of the CIA and Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski). Across town, President James Heller (William Devane) prepared to address Parliament in an attempt to heal recent wounds with the British, and to preserve his legacy. Meanwhile, Margot (guest star Michelle Fairley) – a homegrown British terrorist seeked to avenge her husband’s death – proved she is willing to make any sacrifice for her mission.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed last week’s episode, we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode with the threat escalating, Jack Bauer heads to the U.S. Embassy as the CIA closes in on him. Elsewhere, Margot (guest star Michelle Fairly) asserts her authority with unthinkable force, President Heller faces members of Parliament and Kate Morgan takes matters into her own hands

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting, you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of it. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer.

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It’s 2:00 pm and there’s a riot started by Jack outside the embassy. Jack is able to get inside the embassy. He tells Chloe that he has to get in and out with the flight key as quickly as possible. He assaults a guard and chokes him unconscious. He asks Chloe where to go and she tells him what room he needs and that he needs an access pass. He has one and is on the way.

Chloe accuses Adrian of causing this by having Chell flub the pass. She tells him that people will die and Adrian sees this as Jack’s fault, not his. Adrian says he just wants Jack out. He says Open Cell is to expose governments, not assist them. Chloe tells him to get out of her sight. She continues working to help Jack. Another hacker asks how she’ll get Jack out and she says she’s got security camera access and will talk him out.

He says the building is full of marine and she says she wants Jack out of there alive. He tells Adrian that he’s lucky Open Cell still needs his help. She defends Adrian and says he was doing what he thought was right and she asks – for who?

Kate and Ritter come to the embassy guards and tell them that Jack is in the building and after Tanner. He agrees to take them to Tanner and calls several guards to help. Jack finds Tanner’s room and uses the pass to get in with him. Denovo is there too and Jack says there has been a security breach and there are people in the building.

The phone rings and Jack tells him if he doesn’t come now, he can’t get them out safely. Denovo gose for the phone and Jack knocks him out. He tells Tanner that he believes his drone was hacked and there’s a major attack planned. He says he needs his flight key to stop it. Tanner asks how he can trust him and Jack says he’s the only one who believes him and is his only shot to clear his name. Tanner says it’s on Denovo.

Jack finds it as Chloe says that Kate and Ritter are on the floor coming for him. Jack thanks him and goes. He tells Chloe to get him out of there and she guides him to a rear stairwell. The guard sees Denovo on the floor and calls for a medic. Kate knows Jack was there and asks Tanner where he was and what he did. Tanner refuses to talk to them but Denovo says he took the flight key.

The guard locks down access on all passes. Jack comes to a door and tells Chloe that it’s useless – she says more marines are coming. Chloe says he can’t get out and will be put back in prison. Jack follows wires in the ceiling to go for the secure communication room so he can send her the data from the flight key since it doesn’t look like he’s going to get back out of the embassy. It’s 2:09 pm.

It’s 2:13 pm. Margot checks with her son and he’s almost got Yates’ device interfaced. He says he needs to check the guidance modules and says Navid will be able to take control in about an hour. Simone talks to Navid about what they can have once this is done – a life and a family. He’s waffling and she tells him that her mother will not let him shirk his duty.

Navid says he doesn’t plan on giving Margot the chance to hurt him. He says he wants them to live now. Simone says he can’t be serious and says it’s impossible even if she agreed. She says her mother’s guards are impossible to get away from. He says there is a supply run daily that leaves one gate unmanned. Navid has keys to the gate and a car ready to go.

Navid tells her he could have left a week ago but he waited on her. Simone tells him she loves him and begs him to go through with it. She says if he does, they’ll leave and never be part of one of her mother’s schemes again. He says he’s leaving today and he wants her to go – he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells her to choose her mother or him. Simone tells him she’ll go with him.

Navarro calls Kate and asks why the embassy is on lock down. He thinks Jack and Tanner are working together but she says he didn’t try to get him out – he just took the flight data. She says she’s hunting Jack down. Chloe guides Jack to the comm room and he puts his gun to a guard’s head to gain access. He plugs the key in and Chloe sends him to a secure IP. The marines are close but he’s uploading the data.

Jack tells her that it doesn’t matter what happens to him and makes her promise to get the data to Heller. The data shuts down and Adrian comes over and says it has to be decrypted before it can be sent. Adrian has a fix. He sends a decryption key to Jack who asks how long this is going to take. Adrian says it depends on the level of decryption. The workers in the comm’s room stare at him warily. Chloe says he needs to buy some time.

Jack asks if the guards are wearing body armor and she says yes. He has one of the women open the door and he fires off rounds at the guards knowing he’ll hit armor. Several of them are kncoked back and go down and they return fire. He has the women close the door back and yells at everyone to get down. It’s 2:19 pm.

At 2:23 pm, Simone goes to talk to her mother. Margot offers her a cup of tea and Simone smiles at her. Margot asks what she needs to tell her and asks if it’s a problem. She asks if it’s Navid and Simone says he can’t go through with piloting the drones. She says he’s planning on leaving and she told him she would go with him to buy some time. She asks her mother not to hurt him. She says she loves him.

Margot says their family has worked too long and hard to let anything get in the way. Margot says he may be her husand, but she will do whatever she has to do to make him pilot those drones.

Heller addressed parliament and says he would do anything to bring back the lives that were lose. He says he wants to find a way for them to move forward together. He says that means understanding the threat they face – a determined enemy sworn to destroy their way of life. Mark Boudreau gets a call from Navarro who tells him that Jack is in the comms room of the embassy and has taken hostages.

Navarro says he can no longer keep Jack’s presence a secret. Mark wants to know if the Marines have taken control and he says they have and it will likely be sent up the chain to Heller soon. The decryption is going slow and Chloe asks Adrian if he can speed it up. She doesn’t trust him but he says he’s doing it for her not him.

Chloe says it’s going to take 20-30 minutes. The phone in the comm room rings. Jack says if they come in he will kill all three hostages. He tells them to stay away. At 2:28, the leader of the guards says they need to go in. Jack tells the women in the room that he needs them to take him seriously but has no intention of hurting any of them. He asks them to remain calm.

Ritter and Kate come back in to talk to Tanner. They tell him they just want to talk to him about Jack. They tell him Jack is still in the building surrounded by Marines. Tanner asks what the point and says Jack is the only one who has believed him. They ask what his relationship is with him and he says he just met him today.

Kate asks why Jack came for him and he says that Jack told him that he knew his drone was hijacked and that another hijack was planned for today and that his key would help prove it and stop it. They thank Tanner and leave. Ritter wants to push harded, but Kate thinks there is something there. She says that Jack told her when he had her at the tower that he said there was an attack coming he was trying to stop. Kate says they have to talk to Jack.

Heller thanks parliament for the opportunity so express their gratitude and appreciation for the relationship that binds their two countries together. He gets a nice round of applause when he’s done. He goes to Audrey and she says he was fantastic. Mark comes up and asks to speak to the President in private. Mark tells him that there was a breach at the embassy and there are hostages. Mark says it was Jack that took the hostages.

Audrey is floored. Heller asks why Jack would do this. Mark says that the CIA picked him up but then he broke out of their facility. Audrey wants to know how long Mark has known. Mark says the embassy is waiting on his word to go in and Audrey says that means they’re going to kill Jack. Heller says it’s a no go on taking a shot at Jack until he gets to talk to him. He tells Mark to make it happen. It’s 2:32 pm.

It’s 2:37 pm. The data is almost 60% transmitted. Simone comes in and finds Navid packing his bag, He tells her it’s time to go but then Margot is there as well. Margot tells him it wasn’t easy for Simone to tell her because she loves him very much. Margot tells him that trying to back out is a stain on his honor and she will give him one chance to rectify it. Navid says he won’t kill innocents and she says they are not innocents when they elect murderers like Heller to lead them.

Navid says someone has to stand up to her and Margot tells him he’s a coward and if her husband was alive, he would be sickened by him. Margot tells him he will pilot the drones and Navid says he will not no matter what she does to him. Margot says she believes him and calls Simone over. The guards hold out Simone’s left hand and her daughter screams out – what are you doing?

Margot says she’s doing whatever is necessary. The guard pins Simone and hacks off Simone’s pinky with a chisel and hammer. He goes for another finger and Navid begs her to stop and says he will pilot the drones.

Kate and Ritter come down and ask for access to Jack. The guard in charge – Cordero – refuses and says they can’t add any more influences since he’s out of control. Kate says that Jack shot the guards right where he knew the armor would protect them. Kate calls Navarro and says that Heller needs to hear what Jack has to say and Navarro says that Heller is making a call to him shortly.

Kate asks to be looped in on the call and Navarro says he can do that. Jordan tells Navarro that if they had listened to Kate, they would still have Jack in custody now and says she seems to have a bead on this and maybe they shouldn’t ignore what she’s saying. Navarro essentially dismisses him and says he’s being objective and Jordan isn’t because has the hots for Kate. He reminds him how Kate missed what was going on with her husband.

Heller makes the call. Jack answers the phone and is shocked to hear Heller’s voice. He picks up the phone so it’s not on speaker. Heller says he never thought he would have to hear his voice again. Heller says he shot two people and Jack says he grazed them. Heller asks why he’s there and what he’s doing. Jack says there is going to be a terrorist attack today using drones. He tells him about Derek Yates and that he hacked Tanner’s drone as a test.

He says Margot Al-Harazi has the device and will use it today. Heller asks what he’s doing in the room and he says he’s uploading the data to people that are helping him. Jack won’t say who he’s working with and that he needs 15 minutes before he turns themselves over. Heller asks why he didn’t come to him and Jack says it was his state department that put him on the watch list without him ever having an opportunity to defend himself.

He says he wanted to recover the device or the data so he could come to them with proof. Jack says he’s never lied to him and isn’t lying now. Heller asks the security chief if what Jack is saying is possible and the guy says it’s not. Mark says that Jack broke Chloe out and that Jack is working with Open Cell. He says he asked for 15 minutes but every second is putting lives at risk.

Audrey asks what if Jack is telling the truth. Mark says that Jack is a designated terrorist and Heller says he and Audrey know Jack and he doesn’t. Mark says he knows the damage Jack leaves in his wake. Mark reminds him that he almost fled the Russian president and says he’s not the man Heller once knew. Heller say to tell the Marines to go in when they’re ready. Audrey is not happy. It’s 2:46 pm.

The data is at 69%. Chloe shows Adrian something – it’s footage of drone attacks. Adrian says she doesn’t have to convince him that it’s wrong to kill people by remote control. She says that the Marines think Jack is a threat and they may kill him before they get the proof. She asks if he has any ideas to convince the government that Jack is telling the truth.

Adrian says he has nothing and asks why she can’t let Jack go – he asks what it is between them. She doesn’t answer and walks away.

At the embassy, Cordero tells the guards to do what they need to do to keep the hostages safe but then goes to one guy in particular and tells him to take Jack out the second he has a shot. Kate calls Navarro and says it all makes sense. Jordan says that Jack’s info on Margot checks out but says he can’t do anything to stop what is about to happen with Jack because Heller has spoken.

Kate goes to a grate and says it has access to the comm room. Ritter says that she’s going to get shot. It’s 2:53 pm. She says she needs to convince him to come peacefully. The guards prepare to blow the door.

Audrey chews Mark out and says he has a personal agenda. She says he’s been lying to her ever since Jack came to town. She says that Jack is telling the truth. She says God help us, if I’m right and walks away from him.

Chloe tells Jack that they are cutting the cameras. Jack says Heller must have given the order to take him out. He says he’s going to hold them off as long as he can. Chloe tells him to give himself up before they kill him. He puts a file cabinet in front of the doors and tells the women in the room that it’s going to be loud when they blow the door and to keep their heads down.

The guy who’s supposed to shoot Jack says there is another heat signature approaching the room. Ritter is there and says it’s Kate and she’s trying to help. Cordero says he has his orders and Ritter accuses him of shooting first and asking questions later. Jack hears Kate in the ventilation shaft and he shoots. She tells him she’s unarmed and to let her in. He does.

She says she believes him and says that she will make sure the data is uploaded. He asks why he should trust her and she says he doesn’t have another play. Chloe tells him to trust her. They blow the door and Kate tells them that she has Jack in her custody and it’s a CIA matter. She tells them to back up. Cordero has no choice but to call them off. She asks Ritter for his cuffs and grabs the fligth key.

She tells him to call Navarro and get them out of there. The upload to Open Cell aborts as Adrian and Chloe watch. The Marines secure the lady hostages and get them out. Kate pushes all the guards away from Jack and the one designated shooter still has his gun aimed at Jack. Kate stares him down and tells him to back off. He does.

Simone lies in bed with her bandaged hand. Navid sits at the piloting station. Margot comes in and her son says they are online. Margot tells them to pick out the 10 most heavily armed drones closest to London so Navid can take over piloting them. She asks if Navid is clear and he says yes. The clock clicks down to 3:00 pm.

The End!